What Mindy Wore When She Met Jamie

When she ran into her jerk midwife lover at the movies with his date from The Charlie Rose Show, Mindy basically demonstrated that she was not built for casual sex. Compound this with the fact that she left a promising date with Latin professor Jamie (B.J. Novak!!) to hook up with said jerk midwife lover, and you wind up with a Mindy who makes ridiculously grand gestures a la every rom-com ever. In other news, Eye Patch dumped Danny because he’s “kind of a jerk”. Cue cringe-inducing Say Anything moment when Danny ruined his own sweeping romantic gesture by playing Korn and not “Torn” from an iPod.


Much like the narrative arc of a romantic comedy, this week Mindy dressed according to her emotional state. First we see her in a rather safe and professional blouse and sweater combo.

We need to talk about an outfit cutting her the right way. Here, it isn’t quite 100% but the houndstooth pattern is bold enough to hide the fact that it makes her look ever-so-slightly boxy. Regardless, it’s a good choice for a chilled mixer with her self-proclaimed “boring” friends.





Following Ellie Kemper’s marvelous turn on the Christmas episode, this week we meet another Office castmate – the former Ryan Howard as Latin professor Jamie!

Almost unrecognizable. The guy’s dressed like the nondescript cutie in the corner who you may not notice at first but when he starts talking, makes you feel like the only other person in the room. Their energy sizzles, zings, zips, and zags.

They are my new favorite couple on TV. In romantic comedy nomenclature, we call this the “meet cute”.


Anyhow, Jamie comes with baggage. Namely a stunner of a BFF named Lucy:

Uh-oh, someone’s threatened. She is also wearing an outfit that Rachel once wore on Glee but it is age-appropriate and hasn’t been improperly princess-ized by the Barbra Streisand of Lima, Ohio. If that is the case, this BFF could be Mindy’s new romantic rival (unless it turns out she has a lesbian partner).


Snaps must be given to Danny’s eye patch-wearing girlfriend, who is better without an eye patch and without Danny.

As Mindy said, girlfriend totally hit the sweet spot for upscale casual in this sleek dark look with flattering color-blocking. Also, Jamie looks better in metro party wear for guys than Danny does.


We see Mindy commiserating with coworkers while continuing to rock out bright shades. Behold the lovely cerulean sweater that ran away from Anne Hathaway’s clutches in The Devil Wears Prada and into Mindy’s closet:

It’s a simple basic dress that shows off her curves and goes well with her skin tone. It also isn’t a come-hither outfit because quite frankly, I’d rather watch these two banter rather than get it on because it’s much more entertaining. Too bad this is interrupted by a phone call to Lucy, who gifted the couple a bottle of wine just before dessert. It’s borderline stalker/supportive so the jury’s still out on whether Lucy wants Jamie for herself. Seriously, the only time a friend should ever call you on a first date is the pre-scheduled check-in to give you a bail-out if it’s going badly!

So Mindy takes her fantastic and thematically-appropriate blue outfit to the jerk midwife lover’s bachelor pad:

I love all her coats. Every last one of them.


By the time she gets to the movies, however, her outfit is all shades of wrong. Like in most romantic comedies, she endures an embarrassing public episode. How do we know this? Because the romantic lead is dressed like a slob:

Sloane sweater has been styled to look like she gave the last of her Christmas sweaters a final wear before throwing them into the storage unit until December 1st. And by the way Mindy, if you’re going to throw down, at least go for the glam like Carrie did in front of the water fountain with Aiden in the fourth season of Sex and the City: that was one ugly and completely shattering fight but an even more spectacular dress.


In the end, Mindy decides to give Ryan Howard Jamie one last go, and shows up as Indiana Jones in an attempt to make Latin look sexy:

It is indeed cute and would work in a movie, but this is Mindy and just as I predicted, she snapped the whip too hard, and hit herself. In any event, Mindy’s wearing the only thing (Jamie’s professor look aside) I would ever want to wear in this episode: the totally badass Indiana Jones fedora. Who wouldn’t want one? Snaps to her for giving the rest of the bold yellow contrasted with a bold print the “sexy professor vibe” Ross Geller once talked about. This may look too old on Rachel from Glee, but it is age-appropriate for a successful urbanite doctor like Mindy.

Reader, what did you think? Will Mindy find love with not-Ryan-Howard? Will she continue to top off everything with a great coat? And am I the only one who does not find the midwife at all attractive?