Downton Abbey

Can I just state, for the record, that it’s a bit hard to focus on a show’s wardrobe when you’re BAWLING? Alas, the show must go on here at YKYLF. Fashion-forward Sybil would have wanted it that way, and so, I gave this week’s “Best Dressed” award to my girl Edith and this drop-waist number. Check out the embellished floral border and jeweled belt! The peach colour is perfect for her complexion, and I am loving the flapper hair all the ladies are sporting this season. Who’s looking fab with a glamorous job waiting in the wings? YOU ARE, EDITH! You show Sir A-Hole what he’s missing! You’re so scandalous, so you might as well take up cigarettes and a saucy affair with a married man.


Modern Family

Only on Modern Family would you see decapitated zebra heads, family guns, and this shiny fuchsia ensemble all in one episode. This week we met Pilar, Gloria’s hilariously over-the-top mamacita. Who else but the mother of someone who rocked emerald spandex while pregnant could pull off ruffled fuchsia satin at a Christening (with matching hat, obvi)? – Steph Au



Thanks to purty ladies Juliette and Rayna, we’re slowly learning that country style isn’t just big hair, plaid shirts tied at your boobs, and frilly dresses (although I make no apologies for my current obsessions with rustic decor and distressed cowboy boots). Never before has an entire cow looked so good on someone until Miss Juliette Barnes came along! She gives this biker chick outfit a girly splash with the addition of a delicate champagne-colored blouse edged with gold sequins. There really isn’t much Juliette can’t wear, but this outfit? One of my favorites of the season. And of course, she’s mega glam with those flawless ringlets… le sigh. – Lauren Viscomi