You guys, look! Vampire Diaries is back on YKYLF, along with three other favorites from the past week.


Vampire Diaries

Rebekah is my favourite, after Caroline Forbes. None of this “dark colours and leather all day, every day” business. Nope, in Mystic Falls, the good guys wear black and the (mostly) bad guys wear white and wear it well. I’m not sure if it’s seasonally appropriate to wear a tank top, but whatever. She’s dead. My biggest worry as vampire would be ruining such a cute, textured tank with blood. Major snaps to her arm party. – Leslie-Anne Steeleworthy


Downton Abbey

Though I so desperately wanted to choose one of Edith’s outfits this week (totally and completely because of her new found venture in journalism…Go Team Edith/Women’s Suffrage!), I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Mary’s beautiful red dress during dinner with the bishop. Despite the fact she’s worn this twice already since the start of the season, I’m absolutely in love with the cut, the flowy hem and the slight descent of the back. Also, her delicate headpiece and necklace make this dress perfect for keeping her lady status in check, even through the whole Branson-abandoning-Cybil dramz. Oh Lady Mary! Perfect dress, perfect accessories… and that size 0 waist doesn’t hurt one bit. – Esther Chung


How I Met Your Mother

Readers, consider our minds blown when PLL’s Hanna (Ashley Benson) appeared on HIMYM as Ted’s latest date. I mean, girlfriend was in grade school when Ted started telling this story and it’s pretty crazy to see her as his love interest. That being said, her youth was the main joke of the episode which leads to this outfit. Ted met her in Williamsburg for a Girls-ish hipster dance party where she was wearing 1) an adorbable knit hat with heart motif, 2) see-through lace bustier, 3) suspenders, 4) high-waisted short shorts, 5) fishnets and 6) rollerskates. And yet… she’s so fun that it all works. That being said, it’s the total opposite of Hanna’s usual ferosh glamazon style, more like an Aria than a Hanna outfit. Although Aria (and, frankly, Hanna) would have thrown on a spiked ring or two to accessorize. – Ann Foster


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

When Kyle heard that Paris (her irrelevant celebrity niece) was coming to the art show, she decided to wear something youthful and daring. Unfortunately she selected this ill-fitting striped dress and lame-o teen queen headband. Ugh. Someone please find this woman a stylist or a time machine to go back to when this look was cool and edgy. – Anne Forman