Part 2 of 2: Black and white, red and blue

This week, Ems gets to play dress-up like the Barbie dolls I’m sure she wasn’t allowed to have in her variety of abusive foster homes and juvie.

She starts off as Beachy Barbie, macking on her man on the beach in this comfy look:


You know how cute she looks in white? Get used to it. There’s a looot more where that comes from. Oh, and you know how she and Aiden are so happy? Yeah, there’s not going to be much more of that. 🙁

But seriously, this fresh look with the beachy waves is, I think, as close as we ever get to Emily’s true self. Just like with Nolan’s collars, the more coiffed her hair is and the tighter her dress is, the more she’s scheming.


Case in point: she wears a vibrant colour and Hollywood curls when she’s off on a California vacay with Daniel:

Outfit of the week, y’all. This is similar to Kate Middleton’s famous Issa engagement dress, but with way more cleave. I’m not sure if this is entirely California Barbie, but it def fits in with her plan to secretly help Daniel take control over the disaster relief company. She’s like a sexy First Lady in this.




Now this is a tasty serving of California Emily. 

Another white crocheted top, but you can tell by the carefully done hair that she’s in disguise. And also? Champers by the pool in a GOLD ICE BUCKET? Y’all, we are truly dealing with the 1%


I’m not a fan of this next outfit, but I’ll give her golf claps for dressing appropriately for subtle corporate espionage:

That being said, this dress is doing her figure no favours. Like, I’m pretty sure she had a waistline two scenes ago.


As great as she looks in white, she looks stunning in this black cleave-enhancing lacey look for her “it’s not me it’s you” chat with Daniel:


Speaking of black and white, remember that oh-so-subtle moment between Victoria and Emily last week? I can’t quite decode what this moment means, with both of them dressed in similar red bodycon looks:

I guess it’s to show that they’re working together now… or maybe to show they have something in common? Or… it’s just a colour that looks good on both of them?


(Note: Padma tried to join the Red Dress Society, but nobody wants to let her in so her membership was denied. Nobody who breaks Nolan’s heart is allowed to LIVE!!)

Though that dress is possibly the best thing she’s worn on the show so far. 


And Padma’s style is definitely classier than that of Queen “Shrink Wrap This!” Victoria:

Girl, you are over the age of 30 and you are not a cocktail waitress. Also, it is the morning. Put the halterneck red minidress AWAY.


Oddly enough, Victoria was also following Emily’s white/black aesthetic this week. First in white, when she tries to butter up Nip/Tuck to… something to do with his company. I’m not sure.

Victoria in white:


Victoria in black:


Even Ashley and Charlotte are playing with this week’s theme:


Char’s star-motif dress is pretty darn cute. Too bad she wore it to the creepiest surprise party ever:

Charlotte, your family are vampires. I fully support your decision to change your name to Clarke.