Brothers and Sisters

So new kid Jordan is actually Rebecca’s son (stepson, that is), making him Mads’ sorta brother. Ew. Our wee little lollipop is not having such a great day – Alec convinces her of his innocence and she turns on Emma and Thayer, who, btw, is actually not Alec’s biological father. Speaking of biological parents, Rebecca has officially gone off the rails and is scheming to seduce Ted. Again, ew. Luckily, Ted and Kristin make some headway at counselling, only Ted tells a little (big) lie.  And Ted’s not the only cheater around… Ethan hands in a plagiarized paper and Emma lies to save him. But she’s definitely not in love with him still. Nope, Emma’s likes Thayer who used to like Sutton who is totally in love with Ethan who still loves Emma. And because we’re not confused enough yet, Jessica Whitman claims a man told her to plant the tire iron in Alec’s golf bag… only is this some big plot of Alec’s to fool the police?


So all the neon sundresses in this show is seriously depressing when I’m wearing three sweaters, leggings, and sweatpants just to stay warm. Luckily, Mads breaks the pattern in all black and silver jewellery. Especially loving the silver filigree earrings.

Mads h-t, channeling her inner Lindsay Lohan in huge shades and the aforementioned of silver jewellery. I only wish I looked this put together hungover (I usually go the pyjamas route).


Yes, I do love Mads’ look, even if she does look a tad out of place in a school where girls dress like so:

The highlighter yellow lace, pepto bismol pink and bright blue could only work together so effortlessly on Laurel. And her accessories, like always, are spot on. Love the citrine.




Also, homegirl’s been spending some time on Pinterest. Check out her ponytail:

And yes, that’s Jordan. We’d prefer him shirtless (duh), but he’s also preferable to Ethan. Pink shirts and purple pants (not together, obvi) are a rare sight around here.


We usually see something along the lines of this…

I must say, though, that Emma is definitely rocking a great bronze-y necklace and crystal earrings. The (frankly boring) yellow dress only serves to further offset her amazing tan. Which I am totally jealous of, having already gone through two bottles of self-tanner this winter. Somebody get me to a beach, stat.


Her tan’s probably a result of her frequent runs. I wish I had her dedication. Alas my runs are usually motivated by cute workout clothes or, um, that danish I had for breakfast. 

Still lovin’ the neon…

And Sutton fits right in, huge shades and all.

(P.S. that must be a body-double in that scene, right? If so, they have seriously amazing casting directors, no?)


Speaking of Sutton, she’s decided to borrow more than Rebecca’s sunnies…

That leopard print top? Those cutoffs? The fedora? This just spells washed-up country singer/actress to me.


ABCFamily clearly has a Magical Ring Closet of its own. Scratch that, they probably have a Magical Accessories Closet. I mean, Sutton has a leopard ring.


And Sutton clearly needs her own Magic Closet back, because she’s wearing swimsuits I wore when I was thirteen…

I am Sutton, hear me roar! 

No, seriously, the ruffles? Pink and orange? I bet she doesn’t even have a hanger for this.


Meanwhile, Emma clearly needs a lesson on how to use Sutton’s Magical Closet. She also needs to learn how to check the weather on her phone. Anyone else catch the Marilyn moment a few seconds before this?

Meh dress, fab shoes. Sometimes I wish I’d gone to a school in TV-land, where heels are totally acceptable in high school. It would’ve just gotten me in detention at my school.


Things that also would’ve gotten me detention: sheer button-ups with hot pink bras and cutoffs. 

You know Sutton’s desperate for clothes when she’s wearing jeans. 


Speaking of desperate…

If I didn’t know better, I would’ve though Rebecca was just an overdressed high schooler at the party.


This would’ve been much more appropriate for chaperoning your teenage stepson’s party:


Or even this:


Then again, appropriate isn’t really this show’s forte. Mads visits her father in this Free People Medallion Slip:

A good rule of thumb is, if you can wear a dress to a party after, its probably not fitting to wear it to jail. Just sayin’.

Totally gratutitious shot of Mads’ amazeballs snakeskin platforms. (sidenote: before this episode, I didn’t think anyone actually said “amazeballs” in real life. Just me?) Also, who just lies down in the middle of a hallway like this? Could Mads not find a couch?


Taylor Laurel shows up to said party with a tiered cream skirt, guitar in hand. She also rocks some really great cowboy boots. LSwift, anyone?


BTW, anyone remember that experiment with string and salt water? Where you could grow your own crystals? Tay Laurel’s necklace may look like an elementary school experiment, but it just works.


Post-show, either Laurel and Emma spent some quality sister time together doing each others’ hair, or Emma is also on Pinterest! Lovin’ the side braid ponytail hybrid.


The dress? Not so much. Boring floral, as per usual. This time it’s a Parker petal dress.


At the end of the day, this show answers one question and gives us five. Who killed Derek/framed Alec? Will Emma ever learn to wield the power of Sutton’s Magical Closet? Will Sutton ever get her closet back? Will Alec ever get out of jail? Will Ted and Kristin get back together or will this secret be the last straw? And of course, the most important question of all:

Why is Mads’ hair so big? Does she have the answers to our questions in there? Or is it a bump-it?

Can’t wait for next week!