Downton Abbey

Oh my MacLaine, how could we have left this season’s highly anticipated guest star off of last week’s post? Bear with us a moment as we go back to episode 2 (shown stateside last week) before plowing on to this week’s ep.

Shirley MacLaine, ladies and gentlemen. Shirley MacLaine, playing Cora’s fabulous mother Martha Levinson, dressed to the nines in genuine pieces from the time, sourced from a costume house in the San Fernando Valley. Silk and satin with velvet detail, crystal bead embroidery, dyed feathers and emeralds and diamonds…MacLaine claimed the outfits were too restrictive. I declare them to die for. – Bella

On to this week…


1920s maternity wear does appear to be sack dresses or bust, but Lady Sybil looks lovely nonetheless. A lilac undergown is complimented by her hat ribbon (it’s the new matching your shoes to your fur, darling), and the floaty net and pierce work overlay adds a pretty airy fairy-ness that’s perfect for a spring wedding. The young Mrs Branson also seems to understand the importance of the right jewellery, which every Crawley girl – and Cosmo girl – should know. – Bella




While Hannah and Marnie looked A-OK, it was Shoshanna who stole the fashion show on the season premiere of Girls. The now deflowered Shoshanna expects to run into her hymen-stealing ex, Ray, and thus wears this “See what you’re missing?” dress to Hannah’s housewarming party. It’s simple, yes, but elegant and chic with a retro flair. And that hat? Très magnifique! As Shoshanna proudly proclaims, “I may be deflowered, but I am not devalued!” We expect to see that on a t-shirt in Brooklyn by Thursday night happy hour. – Matt


How I Met Your Mother

This week on HIMYM, we got a glimpse of the “mother” of all outfits – Robin’s wedding dress! How can any other outfit possibly stand up against a wedding dress, especially one as gorg as this? Sheer organza wrapped shoulders, blingy jeweled belt, fits-like-a-glove bodice and flared mermaid-style bottom… NPH picked it out, didn’t he? Only a gay man who plays a straight man-ho on tv could have made a choice with such a combination. And it’s timeless so you can totally wear it for your next wedding! Oh come on, don’t give me that look! I know I’m taking bets on how long Barney will keep it in his pants. – Kim