Like so many of you, we were glued to the tube for the Golden Globes. Infinitely more entertaining than the Oscars or Emmys, it’s one of our favorite awards shows of the year. But as the evening went on, we noticed several of our favorite stars were sporting similar trends. There was much analysis in the YKYLF staff room on Monday morning…


Big Shoulders

Ann: I hate wearing turtlenecks and I feel like Kristin is the same. She looks like she’s choking.
Maybe she just has a short neck, and this is a dress better worn by someone with a swan neck?
I think you’re right, Jen. We short-necked gals should NOT wear high necklines!
It’s like she’s dressed in spirit during the NFL playoffs. A little too structured for that petite cutie.
That being said, I could picture Kate Middleton rocking this look further into her pregnancy.
Jen: You heard it here, first!


Anthony: See, this is what I wanted for Kristin Bell. Then again, after devouring Downton in four days, I’ll like anything Lady Mary wears. Even multiple belts.
Amanda: I disagree. Lady Mary does not need to look like a linebacker.
Kim: I actually kind of love her gown. It’s sort of weird and AGAIN with the neck brace (!!!) but it’s different and the styling is gorgeous.
L-a: I don’t mind what’s happening upstairs since it’s all lace, unlike Kristen Bell’s bedazzled chain mail. I’s different – not a princess dress or a mermaid bottom – and the detail is nice.
Plus, Michelle’s hair is FABULOUS, and every time there was a close up she looked exquisite because you only saw the gold lace.


Tan and Leggy

Ritchie: Someone spent Christmas hiatus in a sunny clime, I see.
Bella: And practicing the patented Angelina Jolie crouch-slit combination!
Ann: Haha, I missed seeing her live but when she appeared my twitter blew up with people saying “that girl from Glee hijacked a spray tan booth”. Now that I see her, I agree. Was she afraid paler skin would make the white dress not stand out as much?
Amanda: I could almost deal with the fake tan if she’d just gone with a bright lip. I hate the nude lip on her.
L-A: But I dig the shoes. That’s all the compliments she gets from me as I generally hate her on the red carpet. Although, this is way less Pose Hard than previous carpets. She’s easing up on the Zellwegery.
Ann: I suspect her relationship with laid back Cory Monteith has eased her red carpet antics. Girlfriend looks happy; for real.
Esther: Not a huge fan of Lea, but I love love this dress. There’s something so elegant, flowy AND delicate about it, which is hard to pull off with a slit as humongous as that.


Ann: Much like Lea Michele, I wonder if Heidi knows white dresses look ok on non-orange skin. Although, I feel like a sleeve and only one leg slit is progress for her.
Kim: Way too white and way too tan. And we can practically see her undies, if one can manage to wear undies with such a snug dress.
Jen: Undies should ALWAYS be worn under a white dress. Oh, oops…is my midwestern conservatism showing?
Ritchie: Sexy Valkyrie has been raiding Mariah Carey’s leftovers. The hair, however, is dreamy. It balances out the rest of the dress and it somehow works.
Anthony: And you gotta love the embellishment on the asymmetrical cut. She’s always on the catwalk.


Not Accessorizing. Or Doing Your Hair.

Ritchie: Lady: you’re on a TV show that’s up for a recognized industry award. You are going to hang out with George Clooney and Julia Roberts. There are 9,000 glasses of champagne being poured for the occasion. Would it kill you to smile?
Alyson: She’s David F#$%ing Mamet’s daughter. That IS her smile.
Zosia always pulls her hair back like this at formal events and I don’t know why. The dress is flattering as hell, but the hair and makeup are non-existent.
Jen: Yet oddly enough, this non-existent hair is completely distracting. I think maybe she thought it was this tough/severe look that would pair well with the leather on the dress, but no, it just looks like she’s about to wash her face.
Alyson: I really like the leather and the shape and fit of the gown, but the utter lack of ornamentation is like she is just having a costume fitting for some German opera… Or the musical “Chess.” Yes, she reminds me of a chess piece.


Ritchie: She can’t fool me: she’s a trust fund baby with mega-connections, not a hipster who stumbled her way onto HBO. That being said, I hope she didn’t have some sort of injury. She appeared to be one of the more level-headed people in the room.
Ann: Either she had two full leg casts, or girlfriend is not used to heels. I LUV HUH but this was not working.
L-A: Ahem. The dress and the shoes, the morning after:
Kim: Those shoes are IN-SANE!! No wonder she couldn’t walk!
Ann: She needs to get lessons from drag queens how to work those shoes.
Anthony: As my sister Isolde N. Barron would say, “Aww, what a nice kitten heel for getting the groceries.”
Ann: Pairing those shoes with that dress was a total rookie mistake. I hope she’s learned that just because somebody offers you a pair of fancy shoes, you should only wear them when a) your dress is short enough to show them off and b) you won’t be crossing a large room full of people twice on live TV.
L-A: She makes it seem like being raised by artists is akin to being raised by wolves. She just looks uncomfortable in fancy dresses that it looks like the dress is wearing her.
Kim: I like the architectural details. At least it looks interesting and is in a neat colour (purple? brown? maroon?) but she did seem a bit awkward in it, like “playing dress up”. And again with no jewelry, just like Zosia. The Girls girls need to accessorize!


Sticking to Your “Look”

Kim: It’s a bit too prom like. Very safe, and precious, especially with the pearls (blech).
L-A: Precious is her jam and I respect that, but I feel like there has to be another kind of dress out there that’s girly and pretty and different from what she normally wears.
I can’t hate on Zooey. She’s found her look and she’s sticking to it. And it doesn’t hurt that her look is identical to what I would wear if I was walking a red carpet. Plus the bodice fits 10000% better than Jennifer Lawrence’s similar red strapless torpedo boob malfunction.
I like this too. I mean, she’s clearly found her fashion forte. But there’s a reason why every’s all a-flutter over her movie-themed nail art rather than her dress…


Wearing Whatever You Want, Because You’re Not Up for an Award, and You’re Not Presenting, Either

Anthony: Ladies and gentlemen – Tanya Tucker has arrived!
Ann: Yeah, it’s little country singer-ish, but I appreciate the use of sleeves, since some of the other people commented how cold it was on the red carpet. This is tailored within an inch of its life, and she looks fab.
Kim: I don’t want to like this but I kind of do. It’s very flattering on her and it’s strong, sexy and sleek. I just can’t get over all the women in neck braces this year.
Ritchie: Girlfriend’s not a nominee tonight, so she’s wearing pretty much whatever she wanted. I’m glad she went for something a bit edgier than if she had to pull her hair back in a chignon and put on a Lea Michele ballgown.