What Mindy Wore

A bad breakup means that our Mindy has gone completely to pieces. She decided to try a makeover that only resulted in stress-vomiting, but thankfully this is not Bridesmaids and we do not see what (literally) went down. When she wasn’t making poor sartorial decisions, she was spending quality time with her college-student-turned-rapper brother Rishi. All in all, it was 30 minutes of throwaway bon mots (she asked her gal pals if they were “hanging out without her”, much like the title of her hilarious 2011 biography) and while I laugh-vomited at the thought of Mindy using Mac N’ Cheese to make sag paneer, I’m choosing to focus here on her fashion deterioration.


First, this yellow rain coat is too light for a New York winter, but it matches the green one she wore in the Christmas episode when she was at Rockefeller Plaza. I wonder if Mindy is one of those people who finds an outfit she likes, then buys several of them in different colors.

the funky zebra-print red dress in “In the Club” that I dug so much.




Then the makeover happened. I have no idea why she decided to buy a plaid flannel suit, but I imagine that she thought she was going hipster, yet ended up as Hermione Granger, much like the old gent in the elevator did.

Girl on the right is wearing the clothes the right way: functional, not fussy, but also cut perfectly to her contours and she can move in what appears to be a breathable fabric. Ultimately self-confidence in the gym sells the look. In other words, Mindy could rock this if she hadn’t walked into class #5 of a set of 10 choreographed classes.


Having thrown it all away, Mindy then resorted to dressing like Rocky Balboa.

The only purpose of this scene is to demonstrate that rich colors work wonders on her skin tone. Essentially, Mindy looks good in every color except for understated, muted tones (i.e. the entire Banana Republic fall collection is wrong for her).


Finally, she seemed to have her mojo back just in time for Rishi’s concert. Here she is, dressed like a star…

Wait, did I say “star”? I meant “chaperone”. For the love of sag paneer, Mindy – you’re at a rap concert. This is the ONLY time when sporting the J. Lo velour tracksuit from 2002 (I know you have one hidden in the back that you can’t bear to give away) is acceptable. 

See you next week, when Mindy’s hopefully got her steeze (which was laboriously analyzed by Morgan) back.