What Jess Wore

What’s a gal to do when her hunky BF whisks her away for a romantic cabin getaway in the woods? Pack her finest plaid and beg her roommate and his GF to come along, of course! Angie and Nick tag along on Jess and Sam’s camping excursion and have a grand ol’ time shooting things, chugging Absinthe (shudder), and making an ill-advised foray into the Swingers Club. Whoops.


Jess is her usual effortlessly stylish self in this J. Crew striped sweater with a classic bateau collar, plus an eye-popping magenta skirt. Her pleated skirt is so fun and flirty, how could Nick turn down her invitation/pleas to crash her weekend with Sam? I would pretty much agree to anything when staring that outfit in the face.


Not so fun and flirty? Nick’s surprise tattoo, compliments of Angie.


Moving on. I don’t know about you, but camping definitely brings out my lady lumberjack. And nothing says lady lumberjack like an array of plaid. Jess begins her checkered agenda with this super warm-looking red and navy coat. The color-blocking in the zipper, pocket, and hood save it from looking like her dad’s jacket from the 1970s, and instead turn it into something Hipster Camper Barbie might wear (six-pack of Pabst and old skool tent sold seperately).


Or you could take style inspiration from the less outdoorsy (yet heavily armed) Angie. If I were ever caught in a “Cabin in the Woods” type of scenario, I’d definitely want her on my team. All sassy, bra-showing (trust me, it’s there), skull-with headdress-wearing, rifle-toting 120lbs of her.  


One of my favorite things about camping is that nothing has to match–don’t know why, just love it. Jess gets her party on with a boatload of absinthe, a J. Crew Black Watch plaid shirt, and a red sweater that looks warm, woodsy, and perfectly garish.  And good thing she’s got her glossy locks pinned up.  Not only is it a flattering ‘do, it’ll be handy when she’s doubled over the loo tossing up the contents of that bottle.


Also looking warm, woodsy, and perfectly garish is Angie. But honestly, this enormous sweater does not look like something that would fit in her motorcyle top-box, much less like something she’s apt to own.  Ten bucks says it’s Nick’s–seriously, it looks like she’s hiding more guns under there. Though, can’t throw stones at this look because that’s pretty much what I look like camping. What? You need something forgiving to accommodate all the s’mores.


Post absinthe (and hypothetical s’mores), Jess does pillow talk with Sam. We should all be so blessed as to look this adorable and perfectly coiffed in bed while cuddled in bed with a hot doctor.


Speaking of her coif, did she pack a curling iron in one of her many canvas bags? That’s the only way to explain those perfectly bouncy curls. I’m also liking the red and brown combo–the rusty red plaid is a nice compliment to her dark brown trousers, and teamed with the cognac riding boots, she looks totally ready for a long hike in the woods. Or a photo shoot for L.L. Bean.  



As much as we’re fans of Jess’s dresses and bows, you have to admit she pulls off plaid pretty well. Maybe she should let her lady lumberjack out more often. But stay away from the rifles, Jess. And the absinthe.