The holidays are over which means that the only thing to sustain us through the dark days ahead is the return of our favorite TV shows. While you all were flipping between Revenge and Downton Abbey on Sunday night, we gave the site a facelift. Fresher and lighter, no? Anywho, here’s what’s on the docket for YKYLF this winter season.


We’re saying buh-bye to:

Apartment 23

This was a tough decision because we love the entire cast, but it seems that ABC does not feel the same way. (Bumping it up to two eps per week so that the season ends early? Not a good sign). Nor do you guys, judging by comments and traffic on that section of the site. What gives, world? Why ya gotta hate on Chloe?

For you silent fans, all is not lost, because it will be popping up again…


We’re adding:

A weekly blog featuring one fave outfit from three other shows. This will be published on Wednesdays and will feature rotating coverage of the aforementioned Don’t Trust the B, plus other shows including Girls (sorry, last season proved there was not enough fashion for a full recap), The Bachelor, Hart of Dixie, HIMYM, Nashville, Vampire Diaries (we heard you!), and OMG DOWNTON ABBEY!

Carrie Diaries

This will be either amazing or awful. Either way, we’re along for the ride and the inappropriate daytime sequins that are sure to follow.


Pretty Little Liars

Because you guys would send all sorts of hate mail if we didn’t. And because we’re obsessed and no we don’t think it’s weird we watch this show just because most of us are out of college and have real jobs and why, who’s asking?


Lying Game

Do you think this show has legs? We’re not so sure, but we simply had to revisit Sutton’s Magic Closet, despite the fact that they got rid of Politician’s Wife Char, thus lessening the snarkability by a factor of 1000%


And we’re keeping:

Glee, The Mindy Project, New Girl, 90210, Revenge. Hooray.


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