This week on RED SHARPIES ARE BACK AGAIN: So, as per usz, I have no idea really what went on, but I’m pretty sure it was awesome. From what I can sort out, Queen V and Emily are working together (?) to make Daniel think she’s still in love with him (?); Jack takes the fall for those bad dudes who were using his bar to smuggle drugs (?), Aiden’s sister is both Totally Not Dead and possibly in league with The Initiative (?); and Nolan’s working with Aiden to bring down Daniel (?). But does any of that matter when you hear Emily uncaps THE RED SHARPIE OF DOOOOOOM???? HOW WE HAVE MISSED YOU, OLD FRIEND.


Emily’s Target
STOP THE PRESSES! EMILY HAS AN ACTUAL TARGET THIS WEEK AND THEN SHE RED SHARPIES HIS PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! She pulls out a classic Revenge(!!!) on the judge who sentenced her father, destroying him publically and then leaving his photo #Sharpied

Gala of the Week
Some sort of gala thing for Emily’s charity or something (?). Whatevs, a good excuse for gowns and fancy suits.

Best Dressed
Conrad was super sassy sashaying around in his madras plaid shorts from the J Crew Dethroned CEO collection, but I’ll give the win to Emily’s pinkish/orangeish/reddish halter dress. Anytime this girl puts on an actual colour, I’m happy.

Most Soapy Moment
Gotta hand this one over to Mrs. The Bad Judge, who revealed that he was corrupt in front of the gala crowd, and THEN revealed that he’s abusive by dramatically taking off her coat to expose the bruises. I mean, if you’re going to expose your husband, that’s the way to do it. 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs Red Sharpie’ings: 1
Although there was a lack of Revenge(!!!)’s signature creepy-eyed hugs, the long-overdue return of the RED SHARPIE OF DOOM  more than made up for it. 


Check back on Wednesday for the full dossier of this week’s Revengenda!