What Jess Wore

It’s that time of year, when a Saturday night can mean four different parties and, of course, four attempts to avoid eating and entire cheese plate. Oh, is that just me? Anyway, this week on New Girl, the gang celebrated the holidays by making the party rounds.


Before heading out on the town with her pals, Jess looked crazy adorable in a green checked shirt and dark skirt. My loungewear should be half as covetable.

This is a classic Jess outfit, but her hair is even bouncier than usual, and I must give major snaps on the lipstick she’s been rocking lately. The look is cute, but sophisticated.


Jess really shone (literally, that dress reflected the light beautifully) in her holiday party outfit. That print and the pleat in the front are to die for, and the sparkly belt really adds to the festiveness of her look. I spent a good few hours at the mall last week trying to replicate this look for my own office Christmas party.


Even Jess’s coat was amazing. The color! The oversized buttons! The bow! Guys, the bow. I can’t tell you how much I love this. It even had a polka dot lining!


Jess only had two costume changes this week, so let’s take this extra time to check in on her lady friends.

Cece, you’re fabulous. I raise a glass to the retro print. Note that she can get away with the super-short length because it has sleeves. Balance, and all that. Still, I question if anyone other than a model can get away with this dress.


As for Nick’s new stripper girlfriend, she was also dressed for her profession.

Jess and Cece look to die. Olivia Munn looks like she just crawled off the hood of a convertible. That is not a compliment. So, Merry Christmas? On that note, Happy Holidays guys! May your season be festive and fashionable.