What Mindy (and party) Wore

Worst. Christmas. Party. Ever. Mindy finds out that the hot version of what the kid from Jerry Maguire would grow up to become isn’t a monogamous entertainment/sports attorney with a great house, wardrobe, smile, hair, bank account, etc., but a run-of-the-mill two-timing cheat. Then Erin from The Office (Ellie Kemper!!!) shows up and does a deliciously unhinged harridan turn as Josh’s scorned girlfriend, and the whole thing erupted into an epic wrecking of both Mindy’s literal and then Danny’s gingerbread (which he made himself!) homes. And despite all that Christmas music being played, none of the selections included the more glum but brilliant “Fairytale of New York”. All ended well, with the staff rallying around Mindy and Ellie calming down, but only after Shawna’s hot new cop boyfriend handcuffed her and was about to charge her with trespassing. Is this how your Christmas parties end?


You ask what Mindy wore? Literally, red and green. For the season.

At the office planning party, she donned a lovely draped top. It isn’t an ungodly shade that only works on hipsters and hospital staff and … wait, Mindy’s a doctor. I just got that. Anyway, it’s a lush green tone. 

Now onto those accessories. Snowflake earrings. They’re fun, but you know she’ll will hate herself by Chinese New Year for owning them. Also note that she’s wearing a heart-shaped watch. I’m betting that she is warming up for Valentine’s Day and this is a sneak preview. Expect heart-shaped earrings in an episode just in time for February sweeps.


And then there was the red:

Seriously, Mindy Kaling looks great in fiery red tones. They really are color. The plum collar and skirt add an interesting dimension to the whole look. Again, I’m so pleased that Kaling’s freed from the Kelly Kapoor wardrobe on The Office and now has the budget for a proper wardrobe. Let’s look at this dress one more time:






Josh’s girlfriend barged in on Mindy’s party and look – she’s barging in on her recap, too. Hi, Ellie Kemper!

Wearing red would have been too much, so to balance her ruby waves and Irish complexion, we contrast her palette with a pea coat to match Mindy’s. Heck, I want this coat. Do they make this for men?

Too bad she’s such a homewrecker who dismissed Mindy as “a chubby Indian girl!” Way to go. Did not support her cause. Mindy showed real class by saying yes, she was the woman scorned but truly had no idea, which calmed down NotErin (I can’t be bothered to remember her name).


As for the rest of the crew, Morgan showed up looking … functional, I guess.

Thankfully, they had him sing all Spanish karaoke, which I now want to inflict on everyone at my next Christmas party.

(Side note: I have only ever seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation once … on Telemundo. Every time I think of the movie, my memory of it is in Spanish. I thought of that when Morgan broke out in song)


Danny was supportive and rocked out the same jacket we spied on him on the “In the Club” episode. Handsome British Doctor made a sweater look sexy, and I continue to love his shirt-and-tie combos.


On a final note: Mindy has some fun married friends. Why weren’t they in the episode? Could she not invite even a few personal friends?

Merry Christmas, YKYLF readers!