What Mindy Wore

Mindy, Danny and the British One are left to fend for themselves when Stephen Tobolowsky leaves the show retires from being a gynecologist. When Mindy feels shut out of decisions by the other partners, she heads off for a girls’ shopping trip with Gwen and heretofore-unseen bestie Alex. Obvs, the boys are helpless without her, so she charges in to save the day in the CUTEST OUTFIT EVER.


Part of what I like about this show is that it shows Mindy taking her job seriously. Yes, she may be a mess in her personal life, but when she’s called to deliver a baby at midnight? She’s totally there.

Even dissheveled, her flawless colour blocking saves the day. See how her coat/scarf combo are so cute that you almost don’t notice the quasi-dreadlock she’s developed from lack of brushing?


Can it always be winter on this show? Because Mindy’s collection of gorgeous wool coats and colourful scarves is OFF THE HOOK.

The royal blue coat with the orange scarf? Who can pull off an orange scarf without looking like a pumpkin? What is this magical power she has, and can she package it up and sell it to me? Also: I like to imagine she’s got her own version of Sutton’s Magic Closet, but just with scarves.


From colour blocking to working the monochrome — just like last week’s greengasm, she plays with various shades and patterns of blue. 

LIKE A BOSS. Blue sweater, skinny blue belt, flowered patterned blue skirt, and blue houndstooth (?) tights. I want to adopt the costumer of this show and have him/her coordinate my work outfits. And can we discuss the peter pan collar on the sweater?



For her girls’ day out, Mindy throws on my FAVOURITE COAT ON TV RIGHT NOW, the green plaid number from last week. The sunshine yellow scarf is the perfect addition — and it doesn’t hurt that it goes with her yellow iPhone cover, too.





While at the sample sale, Mindy comes down with that thing where, when stuff is on sale, you forget what’s cute and what’s not. Because fighting over this skirt? Really?


And trying on this tent-shirt?

Just because it’s on sale, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. Or try it on. Frankly, it’s just as well she had to leave shopping day early, because she was about to commit a misdemeanour of fashion.


At the end of the day, Mindy rescued her clinic by virtue of a kick-ass speech and her best LIKE A BOSS attitude.

Yeah, you don’t mess with Mindy. This OB/GYN and her scarf wardrobe are unstoppable.