Here’s what you missed on Glee: that horrible Kitty is a cat that I want to put to sleep. FOREVER. She pretty much enabled Marlee’s bulimia, and the poor girl passed out at the end. This week’s alumnus included Quinn, Mike, Mercedes, Santana and Puckermann, who were paired up with their doppelgangers as mentors for sectionals. Sectionals (yawn) happened, like clockwork. Finn is still directing New Directions while Schue’s away. Rachel and Kurt had Thanksgiving dinner with Isabella and her friends. And finally, Glee covers Scissor Sisters, at last!


Glee Club vs. Glee Club

Ahoy, Warblers! I miss how Blaine looks in your outfits. I’m beginning to think that, no matter how I snark on WMHS’s favorite after-school club, the Warblers don’t actually own any other clothes. I mean, do these guys sleep in their Dalton uniforms?


However, the less hyperactive piping on New Directions’ outfit for Sectionals is, in comparison, less cartoony.

. Now if only Cassandra were to come around and be friends with Rachel, that would make her Karen Walker…and I think I just figured out how to get a fantastic spin-off out of this. Dear wardrobe people of Glee: please let Ryan Murphy know. I KNOW you’re reading this right now because you Tweeted us last week.

So, Kurt did well with the jacket, vest and shirt combo. We all know he’s getting these from consignment, so I have to give the man props for consistently putting together original outfits that look expensive and cohesive, even if they occasionally involve fireplace ornaments. Also, his hair has never been better, and the single best line of the episode is his Big Chill reference.


Rachel is embracing her young womanhood in this tempting dress. She’s still allergic to pants, but the fit and cut are more representative of her new self, and bringing her out of her shell. Character development represented through costume change. Well done.

This leads me to awarding this week’s…


Song of the Week / Outfit of the Week / Dance Number of the Week:
Do we even need to ask? It’s the “Let’s Have a Kiki” / “Turkey Lurkey” number, for ALL THREE!

Isabella. Looking effortlessly sexy, chic and timeless. Hands down the winner for Outfit of the Week. Yes. Plus, she spins Ana Matronic of the Scissters’s intro so effortlessly. Sarah Jessica Parker was made for New York City.

I do have some questions to ask of Isabella, though: wouldn’t she have Thanksgiving dinner all delivered at a charming chalet in Connecticut (booked by Kurt of course)? Wouldn’t Martha Stewart be hanging out with her? I do adore, however, that she used to spend the holiday with Gore Vidal every year. He was and will always remain the ultimate dinner party guest.

By the way, this choreographed dance number is one of the best set pieces the show has ever produced. Everything works: the song, the inclusion of the cheesy “Turkey Lurkey” with “Kiki”, the costumes, the choreography. We need this to be included in any Glee spinoff, which I now envision being set in a loft above “a sinister-looking book store in Greenwich Village” a la Funny Face.

Sounds about right. Both dress unimaginatively but are aligned with their predecessors. Finn/Ryder can’t really bust a move, and Puck/Puck is really a sensitive soul with a hidden talen—ugh, I can’t finish that sentence. But given that Jake is a trained ballet dancer, it does raise the bar from his brother, the guitar-strumming softie. Now he should embrace it, do a dance solo, and leave Lima for the Joffrey or Alvin Ailey after graduation.


The Peanut Gallery:
I’ve finally figured out what Sugar’s function on the show is.

Thoughtful piping on the sweater with the bright colors matching the bright jeans = graffiti on concrete. Well done, even it’s just a work outfit, brother’s got it going on. The rest of New Directions have much to catch up on.


Next: a Cheerios reunion.

Quinn once said she’d become a local realtor and it appears that she’s starting to dress the part of one, albeit one on her days off. It’s all sensible, but nothing to shout about. Plus, the aesthetic screams “Kohl’s After-Christmas sale”. Given that Kitty worships Quinn in a disturbing way, this is a peek at Kitty’s future.

Santana, however, rocks out her lipstick lesbian chic. Distressed leather over zebra-print tight dress, classed up with boots and a chignon? Yes, please!


And then there was the appearance of Peter, Paul & Mary:

I do like that New Directions once again gives Finn direction, but I can’t help but notice that he’s resorted to wearing Mr. Shue’s cast-offs.

If nothing else, being there empowers him. The pin is a nice touch.


Concession to the Cultural Phenomenon of the Moment
The “Gangnam Style” number. It doesn’t show off their vocals, all it did was show off that they were great performers. All that effort in finding vocalists and they went with a hyper-remixed pop ditty that no one in Lima, OH knows the words to?

So what did you think, Gleeks? Did you give thanks for the episode? Are you salivating for more? Will Kitty be exposed and suspended soon for what is essentially a benign form of assault? Is the alumnus going to stick around for much longer? Will Kurt and Blaine get back together? And will we finally get more time with Will & Grace v. 2.0?