What Mindy (and her little school friends) Wore

Mindy takes it upon herself to save the youts of NYC (ok, just her neighbor Sophia and Sophia’s friends) and teach them all about the birds and the bees. But in true after-school special fashion, along the way Mindy learns a thing or two herself. In the end, everyone’s smarter for Dr. M’s words of wisdom: “Love may not last forever, but herpes does.”


Mindy spends the beginning of the episode spreading the virtues of the HPV vaccine, but I’m more concerned about a newer disease on the scene – monochromitis!

Observe: Dr. M in an orange skirt, orange sweater, and orange tinged shirt. I thought Thanksgiving was last week?


Mindy steps out the next day looking positively minty! Rocking H-to-T green could mistake one as Kermit the Frog’s #1 fan, but unlike the orange ensemble, Mindy the Magical manages to pull this green number off. Tis the season, and all that.

Accompanying Mindy is her 15-year-old neighbor Sophia who is (prepare yourselves) sporting varying shades of purple with her hat, tights, and coat.

But notice our Generation Z’s gorgeous ombre hair. Doctor Mindy gives you a full bill of on-trend health, honey!


Backing up to Mindy for a minute, I’m digging these chevron tights. And in the words of New Favorite Person Ben, those shoes are insane, and her top is out of control.

Who’s Ben, you ask?


He’s Sophia’s nattily attired bestie who ALSO has the monochromitis! Side effects may include using slime as an accessory.

But seriously, in the words of Mindy, Ben is adorable.


Dr. Mindy instructs the Millenials about practicing safe fashion.

At closer glance, I agree with Ben. The top is out of control indeed, in a good way. Mindy also rocks the gold hardware with the chain purse, the buttons, and the trim on the aforementioned insane shoes. That Mindy, working on so many levels. So smart. No wonder she’s a doctor!