What Jess & Schmidt Wore…Sort Of

When I saw that this episode was named “Eggs”, I somehow assumed that the storyline would involve brunch. Or at least breakfast. But, boy, was I wrong. Jess’s friend and resident “va-genius”, Sadie, announces that she has a bun in the oven, that she and the missus are super excited, that they love boobs, and that, oh, by the bye, you’re probably never going to experience this awesomeness once you hit 30 because–surprise!–your non-brunch eggs will most likely never give you the cute little chickadees you forgot you wanted until now. Of course, Jess goes into a tailspin of panic and hauls it to Sadie’s clinic for some tests, toting Cece (aka Camilla Alves v2) along for the ride. Winston’s on an alternate sleep schedule but that doesn’t stop him from trying to rekindle the flame between Nick, writing, and Hemingway. And our darling Schmidt’s world shatters when he learns that despite all his narration and shiny stickers, he just can’t bring home the bacon for Emma.  


Jess is so dang good at not looking like an overgrown schoolgirl even though her taste sometimes veers in that direction. Maybe it helps that she’s carrying a wine bottle, but her monochrome polka dot sweater makes for a classic look, plus the peter pan collar is a charming accent. Added snaps for her red shoes matching her lipstick.

Sidenote: I wish I could pull off skinny cuffed ankle jeans the way she does.

And goodness gracious, her hair is gorgeous! So Kate Middleton and her brand new bangs.


Another really simple, but well-done look for Jess. If I had to put all my eggs in a style basket, it’d be the simple/classic basket, too. 

Rewearing the skinny cuffed ankle jeans? I hear that.


If I owned this dress, I would get very little accomplished, because I would just stand in a circle and twirl, twirl, twirl.

Frankly, I’m a little dizzy just thinking about it. But still – cute outfit, even if there is just WAY TOO MUCH RED. And what happened to the aforementioned Kate Middleton hair?



Thank the stars, she found the wherewithal to give herself a proper blow dry. Jess’s pleated skirt is a nice compliment to sound wave blouse, and the black and white color scheme is a relief from the overdose of red in the last ensemble. I mean, really. That was just unnecessary.  


And I simply must end on this: the award for 2012’s Best Bedazzle goes to our one and only Schmidt. Feathers, gems, sequins, oh my!

In an ill-fated meeting between foreplay and arts & crafts, Schmidt finds inspiration for the boudoir in the Mardi Gras section of Hobby Lobby. Who knew he was so crafty?