From Russia, With Revenge(!!!)

This week’s episode of Revenge didn’t leave much for fashionistas like us to talk about. Plot-wise, I enjoyed “Lineage” better than my fellow YKYLF staffer Ann. I loved getting the background on Emily and Aiden’s relationship, and Victoria’s twisted mother. But style wise? Yawn. Everyone pretty much wore one thing this week. 


For Ems, it was a tacky silver dress and fur shrug. Hey, when you’re going undercover as a Russian escort…

It was impossible to get a decent screencap, but perhaps that’s for the best. Emily is much better off posing as a Hamptons socialite than as a fun-lovin’ Moscow gal who’s willing to be “whatever age you want” for three grand.


Fun fact: This is how she met Ashley. Far from being Queen V’s party planner/Daniel’s GF/Conrad’s secret spy, 2006 Ashley was a down-and-out Art History grad making ends meet by turning tricks. I guess in 2006, there weren’t such things as barista jobs or internships at art museums. No, the only job available for new grads was as sex slaves. Or whatever.

Luckily for all involved, Emily bailed Ashley out from having to actually follow through. Ashley also looked shiny and sleazy.

You’ve come a long way, baby.


This is also where Emily met Aiden, who was posing as a Russian bartender to avenge the kidnapping and murder of his sister. 

The accent didn’t fit, but the bow tie looked great on him.


Meh, enough of Russia. Over in the Western world, Nolan’s company was about to go public and make everyone rich. Back then, he dressed less formally but still adorably. 

Love the casual plaid shirt and vest for a Thanksgiving in the office.


There wasn’t nearly enough Nolan in this episode, but I did love finding out about Marco – his cute, nerdy ex-boyfriend/former CFO.

We’ll be seeing him again soon. Hopefully he will have stopped buttoning his collars to his shirts by then.


At Grayson Manor, Victoria’s white trash past was coming back to haunt her. Meet the gold digger who taught Queen V everything she knows!

OK, obviously not everything she knows.


Victoria managed to develop a better sense of style (both wardrobe and hair CLEARLY), but they both know how to woo rich men.

Yes, that dress is certainly more appropriate than skintight, leopard and mega-cleave for a formal Thanksgiving dinner.




As a fifteen-year-old, Victoria was very pretty. No surprises there. There’s an uncanny resemblance between this child actress and Madeleine Stowe.


Last and, well, least – Daniel. In 2006 he looked like a frat boy version of Harry Potter.

Remember how he used to write poetry? Too bad we haven’t seen any evidence that Daniel has more than the brains and creativity of a piece of lint.


Unfortunately y’all, that was all we had to work with. 2006 was boring for Revenge fashion! Hopefully next week’s episode will deliver more bandage dresses and loose white tops.