Blaine is pouring his frustration from the breakup into cosplaying as his alter ego: Nightbird (which, BTW, is a huge ripoff of DC universe hero Nightwing aka Dick Grayson aka the first Robin aka the heartthrob of the Batfamily HELLO). Mr. Shue is off doin’ his thang and Finn is in charge — say quoi?! — and upon realizing the intensity of the testosterone battle between Ryder and Jake for Marley’s affections, Finn gives his assignment: “Dynamic Duets”. Kitty picks Marley for a faux-friendship attack, Ryder and Jake discover one another’s kryptonite, and Blaine nearly slips over to the Dark Side (aka Dalton) to finish his senior year… but Finn puts his foot down and friendship saaaves the daaaay! But are the New Directions ready for sectionals? Tune in next week: same Glee time, same Glee channel!


The Glee wardrobe crew must have had a ball with this episode. Yes, there were some regular clothes, but as a comic book fan, I was blinded by the costume-y goodness. Thank you Blaine, for founding the McKinley High Superhero Club.

Saving the world school from sweater vests and knee socks!


Melodramatic Solo of the Week:
I know Blaine took this category last time too, but dang. Kelly Clarkson? Backed by the Warblers? Betraying your friends? Ouch, Blaine. Way to go over to the “Dark Side.”

Yes, Blaine, it’s good to know your Warbler suit still fits… but you’re much hotter with the turned up jeans and bow ties. There. I said it.


Song of the Week:
Bizarrely, I feel “Holding Out For A Hero” was the best duet of the episode. Ferocious lady-voices in stellar 80’s harmonies is my jam. And the whip choreography was a nice touch, but why didn’t Marley have a prop too? Oh, sorry, that’s because Kitty was just dressed as Catwoman. I can’t even.

Yes, I feel for Marley and her “but I’m just a wallflower!” inner flailings. But the costume is guhross. And what’s with assuming that all superhero costumes have to be skintight spandex? Yes, it’s common, and yes, it’s helpful to have skintight material when in combat, but a lot of superheroes also have heavily padded and armored outfits that are just as hawt as the skimpy ones. Sometimes even hawter. I know it was a ploy to have the show tiptoe around Marley’s bulimia, but c’mon. Maybe if the flowers weren’t quite so JoAnn Fabrics and the gold spandex were a little more gold and a little less… bleh…


Sam’s Best Impression of the Week:
Is this his “thing” now? He does a lot of impressions these days. Only Sam would have a Bane/Tom Hardy minute while wearing a jockstrap.

OOOooooh never mind, dude, you keep on doing those impressions. They’re ABSolutely great. Heh.


Boring Top 100 Cover of the Week:
“Some Nights.” Listen, guys, I love Fun. I have listened to the album a LOT in the last year, but I gotta tell ya, the New Directions were really stretching to fit this number. Also, they dropped all pretenses of being well dressed, confident teens and went back to Season One Episode One uniforms of red tops and zero style. Yes, they actually look like a high school glee club like this, but it’s boring. If I wanted to watch a real high school show choir, I would. (Only I wouldn’t, because who does, other than fam and friends?)


Best Outfit of the Week:
Blaine/Nightbird. Purrrrrrrrrr. ….Okay, yes, FINE, I admit it, I’m a nerd and I love hot guys in superhero costumes.

He is hot, he is in a costume, ergo, I love.