What Mindy Wore

Thanksgiving is a time for family, a time for turkey and a time to finally get exclusive with the BF. In this episode, Mindy gets in the spirit by defining her relationship with Josh (FAIL), hooking up with Dennis (WIN – sorta) and then getting her ass whooped by Gwen (FAIL FAIL FAIL). In the other (very) subplots, Betsy takes Jeremy to her family’s wholesome Thanksgiving dinner and Danny spends Thanksgiving alone at the office… which was actually kind of sad. Fortunately, Mindy has enough studs, jersey and lipstick to cover all the dramz in this episode, even if it costs her her dignity. I mean, who needs that anyway?


The episode begins with Josh cooking Mindy a “romantic” dinner. Fine, this is cute, but I’m still not completely won over by Josh. Not even close actually. More like 30/70 at this point. But that’s sort of how I feel about Mindy’s dinner top, too:

Okay, I like sparkly. I like poofy sleeves. And I like midnight blue. But she looks like she’s about to do a triple axel.


Mindy takes Morgan with her to Gwen’s place for Thanksgiving in a yellow hooded jacket, which looks surprisingly adorable on her. Despite the fact that it’s big and yellow.



At Gwen’s, Mindy runs into her ex-blind date, Dennis, who literally falls down the stairs for a good 20 seconds. 

“Yeah, I did that, didn’t I?”


Needless to say, the dinner has an awkward start. But all is well because Mindy wears the most perfect Thanksgiving outfit ever.

Patterned blouse under a dark green jumper with black dot tights. It SCREAMS THANKSGIVING. I mean, she’s wearing a JUMPER for God sakes. Reminds me of the 1st grade. Or a spinster’s “night out.” Yowza, that line is pretty blurry. I’ll stick with the 1st grade.


Lately, I’m hating peplum because it’s being thrown on every dress. Like the sequined collar. Or the leather accent. But I am loving the peplum on Mindy’s dress. 


Oh and those green earrings and simple necklaces! She is KILLING Thanksgiving (yeah, I realize that doesn’t sound exactly right but I’m standing by it).


Unfortunately, looking like a spinster in the 1st grade doesn’t earn you any points against skinny betches named Gita:

Can you say inappropo??? Who wears a skintight dress to a Thanksgiving dinner??? With children in attendance???


Mindy. Apparently.

If Mindy were hitting a club or even a cocktail party, I’d be okay with this. But horribly inappropriate for Thanksgiving. Also, costume change with totally new accessories in the middle of a dinner? Hard to believe. And finding a dress in your BFF’s closet that fits you like a glove? Even harder. 


Though, I can’t deny the fact that she looks absolutely gorge. 

Not sure what’s going on with her nails though. The ring finger manicure is kind of like the peplum for me. Except it doesn’t work here.


Hey, it looks like Dennis has a thing for girls who wear skintight dresses to Thanksgiving dinners!


Just before that skintight dress is ripped off though, they’re interrupted by Gwen who proceeds to kick Mindy’s ass.


Fortunately (or unfortunately?), the ass-kicking is cut short when Mindy gets a call from Josh who asks her to be exclusive (okay, Josh… 40/60). Mindy quickly ends it with Dennis, still looking cute in her studded dress even AFTER a hardcore make out sesh and a hardcore ass-kicking.


So what have we learned from Thanksgiving with Mindy?

1) Wearing an inappropriate skintight dress on Thanksgiving either gets you a hook up, or gets you cheated on.

2) You can probably find your perfect dress in your BFF’s closet. With matching accessories.

3) Getting your ass kicked by your BFF can get you a relationship.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!