What Jess (And Everyone Else) Wore

Happy Turkey Day! Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner guest starred as Jess’ divorced parents, who Jess not-so-secretly wishes would get back together. We learn Jess has a history of ensnaring her parents in her own “parent trap” and this year is no different when her carefully scheduled dinner sessions somehow get messed up. Oopsies. We also got a look at Nick’s future, thanks to Jess’ “so unhappy” dad. One of Schmidt’s cousins comes to visit and a competion for The One and Only Schmidt ensues, complete with farting, burping, and kissing another man.


OH MY GOODNESS! There’s someone even more perky than Jess out there! Oh the humanity! 

You don’t get much more Thanksgiving then these two gals. Loving the bright colors and OBVIOUSLY the pilgrim hat!




 Yes Nick, we do hug balls.

Side note: I want Schmidt’s sweater big time. 


So wait. You want me to make out with him? Why not, he’s already seen naked pictures of me in the shower. And Nick really is too young for me. 


So after her parents hot and heavy make out sesh in the bathroom (of all places), Jess kicks off dinner with a lovely toast. Even though Jess’ Ted Baker dress is more First Lady than casual Thanksgiving dinner, she does look darling.

“I’m thankful for my super sparkly eyes, my always fabulous hair, my wardrobe that always makes me look great, my ability to make all boys love me… and oh yeah, my family and all that good stuff.”


He shoots and he scooooores! Poor Winston just wanted to enjoy his Thanksgiving meal and instead gets caught in the cross-fire of Schmidt Brawl 2k12 and receives a big, sloppy, wet one from The One True Schimdt. 

But who could blame him for wanting to lay one on Winston? He did look pretty dapper. I actually think he may have been the best dressed family member at the table. I love the purple and pink combo, and the disheveled look as his turkey baby started to form. Who is better than Winston? Who?!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Gobble, gobble!