This week, on A Very Special Don’t Trust The B—-, June can’t afford to go home for the holidays, so Chloe brings her along to visit her parents (you know, her Dad who June slept with and her Mom who she hates). Meanwhile, James goes to an exclusive soup kitchen so he can be featured in People magazine.


OK, so how much do we lurrrveeee Chloe’s trademark 1920s flapper showgirl villainess pajamas?

Almost as much as we love her breakfast Bloody Mary/Caesar. FYI — this is what most of the YKYLF staff looks like in the a.m., or at least, this is what we looked like in the morning during our last staff retreat. Who needs cereal or waffles when there’s cocktails for brekkie?


June lives in one outfit this episode, although we see it in a variety of ways. First, and most effectively, in this H-to-T shot that shows how she’s balanced the casual cardi, scarf and button-down with perfectly executed skinnies and wedge boots.

Didn’t Chloe and James destroy her collection of autumnal sweaters a few weeks ago? Either this pumpkin coloured sweater was hidden, or she went out and bought this after the Great Sweater Flambe.

I can’t lie. That sweater makes me think of pumpkin spice lattes, which makes me happy all over, so I’ll give her a pass on yet another orange cardi. FOR NOW.

But then her outfit loses its pizzazz when James borrows steals her scarf to complete his look. And I gotta say, the scarf looks just as good on James as it did on June:

Without a scarf, June turns to a nautical style jacket to complete her look. I like this coat – it’s halfway between a trench and a peacoat… but without a scarf (or even a hat or any other accessory), the whole look is kinda meh. Also? JUST SAY NO to the front-hanging purse. Seriously, we shouldn’t be taking advice from Emily’s Mom on Revenge (!!!).


To cheer up her sad roommie, Chloe comes up with the genius idea to bring her back home with her for Thanksgiving. You know, to visit her Dad (who June totally slept with) and her Mom (who Chloe totally hates for no reason, which is just as hilarious as when Michael Scott hated Toby on The Office for so long for no reason).

It’s obviously a terrible plan, which is why Chloe has to resort to L and D to convince June to join her: Lies and Distraction. The lies are a fake story about taking June to a casino; the distraction is in this outfit that I would have KILLED for circa 1987:

Outfit of the week, y’all! The hot pink bag! The embellished jean jacket! Chloe’s signature shrink-wrapped mini! The green earrings.



Right?? Note: this look is not for amateurs. Chloe looks amaze, as per usz, but normal human beings over the age of 10 would be advised to use caution when attempting this look.


Also? I couldn’t not share this happy family pic June spots at Chloe’s parents house:

I don’t… did Chloe… pierce her lips together here?


This picture proves Chloe’s always been totes ferosh, but her Thanksgiving outfit shows she’s learned to love colour… or at least, red:

Again, not recommended for amateurs. Also? Remember when Krysten Ritter played Aunt Carol in that flashback episode of Gossip Girl? Clearly she’s brought her Rhodes Lady earlobe strength over to this show, because she never wears an earring that’s less than the size of a baby’s fist)


You know, I just read recently that leopard print is so commonplace that it’s now considered a neutral.

In which case, this outfit is quite tame. Need I mention she’s also wearing leopard-print stilettos, or does that go without saying?


Remember how James “borrowed” June’s scarf to go to the soup kitchen? Without the scarf, and without the coat, we’re left with this tragic look:

The polka dot top is fine; the cardigan is fine. But without anything else to spice things up? Total miss.


Hey, remember Scott? June’s ex? Or as you may remember him better, Chloe’s Dad.

Riiight. When we first met him in season 1, he was much cuter than this. They’ve aged him up, I think. They’ve also put him into a Rufus Humphrey Collection Dad sweater and a pair of Dad khakis. He’s firmly in Chloe’s-Dad territory now; deffo no longer a love interest for June.

Which is not to say he isn’t still a silver fox who also looks weirdly like an older version of Tobey Maguire. But I’d rather see June hook up Mark, her barista friend, than ol’ Touch Of Grey here.


Luther is sneaking up to become one of my fave parts of this show. That may have something to do with his Nolan Ross-meets-Chuck Bass sartorial sense.

Tone-on-tone bowtie and shirt? Peppy sweater vest? DRIVING GLOVES? Even Nolan Ross hasn’t shown up on my TV wearing driving gloves. Full circle snaps for this one, girl.


James dresses as best he can for his photo op at the soup kitchen.

Casually undone henley, a good pair of jeans, and a $1500 leather jacket. (He obvs adds June’s scarf to this ensemble to complete it)


Later on, he gets some competition from one of the customers of the soup kitchen who borrows steals his $1,500 leather jacket.

Hey, fair’s fair, JvdB. Maybe if you return June’s scarf, karma will bring you back your jacket (…not that you want it anymore, since Wayne’s personalized the seasonal lining and all).