Eleanor Waldorf is back and disappointed with Blair’s mean girl attempts to ruin her business. The solution? Bully all the people! Rufus is surprised that no one wants to cross the bridge to his new party and he blames Lily. The solution? Buy all the art! Dan is still crashing on couches across the UES and writing about his friends and being hurt when they get mad at him. S is already over Steven and ready move on from her broken engagement. A convenient elevator malfunction helps her and Dan get a little closer. That can’t possibly go wrong.  Bart hid his deepest darkest secrets on the back of a painting that was sold, while Chuck is still trying to uncover the secret that no one else cares about. Except maybe Ivy, who’s scheming with a mysterious someone. And B may be on the road to becoming less emotionally stunted as she realizes her strengths don’t lie in desigining slutty debutante dresses.

 Party du Jour
It’s the battle of the art party: Lily vs Rufus. Whose art will win?!?

Best Quotes
“And you remain a kept man.” — Lily.
Truthsauce, sister. Truthsauce.

“The person no one cares about anymore is you.” — Nelly Yuki

Best Outfit
Tough call this week. Before she put on her coat and started carrying an old lady purse, Blair’s day dress was totally adorable. 

Worst Outfit
Serena’s geometric patterned jeggings were a complete and utter eyesore. 


Only four more episodes left! Steph will be back on Thursday to weigh in on which dress was best.