Part 2 of 3: And Then There Were Some

What irritates me about Glee, dear readers, is their love of the group shot. Those darn group shots in that darn choir room are the bane of my life.

Like here! Yes, they’re in the auditorium, but I can’t see enough of Tina’s white t-shirt to be happy she’s wearing a colour other than black! I can’t be truly amazed that Kurt and Mercedes don’t don’t have ninety necklaces between them! I can’t even ogle Puck properly!


Is Finn smuggling something in those massively baggy cargo pants? I’m taking bets on Mexican orphans, since he could probably strap one to each thigh without anyone noticing.

I don’t even know what to call Rachel’s socks, because they sure as hell aren’t knee-length. Her cable-knit cardigan is pretty even if the colour isn’t, but plaid skirts need to be dead and buried at the bottom of a well where no preppy teenagers will ever find them.


Irritating choir room shot #1. Rachel’s actually wearing a great shade of red, and I seriously love Kurt’s clash of patterns in his polo with contrasting buttons and his brown cardigan. Tina’s gone back to black and Finn’s gone back to American Eagle and I feel how Brittany looks.

Tina and Mercedes make a really cute couple, though. Their matchy-matchy yellow and purple outfits are refreshingly bright (even if it Mercedes does seem to be wearing a onesie).


Is there a rule that all football players have to dress the same? Polos, hoodies, plaid…I think Kurt’s supposed to be a Victorian orphan, and if not then there’s no excuse for his fifty shades of grey. Rachel is a hot pink mess. Too many shades, too many patterns.

Mercedes’ aqua jacket is almost covetable, though. It’s like a clothing cupcake.


I’ve already discussed Mercedes and Tina’s outfits of this picture, so let’s move on to a more important issue: why, Kurt, why on earth would you wear white cropped trousers? The bowtie and the cardigan were going so well, and then you decided to dress up as my mother in the ’80s?


A dark mood descends on the glee club as Will and Sue battle for control, and Artie’s Navajo vest reflects that – it’s pretty tragic, as is Puck’s bizarre short-sleeved over long-sleeved combo.

Finn’s drowning in misery. That’s the only reason he’d be wearing such an ugly life vest.


Rachel has a touch of the Wednesday Addams about her, and I like it; in contrast, Tina’s skeleton tee and purple arm-warmers are nothing short of funky. Mercedes is somewhere between an NBA player and a pimp, and Kurt is dressed as an – albeit fashionable – asparagus.


In case you weren’t depressed enough by this motley crew, Quinn has to ‘Keep Holding On’ because Schue and co. are going to support her and her baby, no matter what. They plan to do this by dressing like mimes and giving Rachel all the solos.


What’s with all the white? The time for being virginal is gone (as evidenced by Santana’s come-hither bare midriff), even though this is sort of visually stunning.


To lighten the mood, here’s a new segment: How I See Sue, Since Sue Sees It.

The Great Dictator of McKinley High sticks to two palettes this episodes. Here we have the moody blues:


And here we have the mean reds (or browns, or blacks, or pinks…) Which is your favourite?


This is my favourite tracksuit, because I think it wouldn’t look out of place working out or strutting your stuff at a roller disco. I try to make all my clothes suitable for both.