What Mindy (et al) Wore

Dang, try and say THAT episode title 5 times fast! And try not to say it with a red face because how embarassing would it be for your co-worker to examine your ladyparts? And not just any co-worker, but one whom you clearly have some sexual chemistry with. So much awkwardness. Anyway, this does create some amusing one-upmanship between the two, from which Mindy emerges the victor… although she did have to have her breasts fondled to get there. Among other creepiness, Josh literally gets into Mindy’s pants (apparently too far) and Jeremy the Hot British Doctor goes all Mission: Impossible and breaks into Mindy’s apartment. Saying these office-mates “live in each others pockets” would be a gross understatement.


Well, we have quite a shift from the millions of costume changes from last week’s Halloween episode. Mindy has a grand total of 3 costume changes here – and two of them don’t even count. One is a hospital gown, which is really more of a “covering” than an outfit, and the other is Josh’s shirt. Again, that’s a covering “covering”. Pretty sure you need bottoms to make it an outfit, although Gaga would beg to differ.

So, officially? ONE outfit change. Ah well, at least it was a cute outfit:

Well, actually, allow me to rephrase: At least the top and skirt are cute. I do love me a vibrant colour and a polka-dot! However, the sweater resembles the scruffy one I bundle up in on my couch when I’m too sick to go to work, and while I appreciate the sparkly and fun nature of the belt, it’s a tad “Belly Dancer” for the office.


Look again and tell me it doesn’t look like something you’d pick up in a market in Marrakech and pull out when you go as a slutty Gypsy/harem girl/princess/something for Halloween. Props to Dr. L for having fun with her wardrobe though!


Equally impractical and costumey are her earrings, but I admit it I LURVES them!

Upsidedown gold sunbursts?! Yes, please! Is it just me or does Mindy always wear the coolest earrings? A gal after my own heart. These play against her super-glossy black locks perfectly. Dr. Fabulous, I presume? 


Thank God her buddy Gwen comes to provides one other cute outfit.

Pretty pastel prep ftw! I’m sorry, Minds, I love you and I know this is your show and all, but I have to say Gwen’s outfit hits it out of the park here. She looks beachy, yet professional – like she is off to a painfully hip poolside cocktail reception at a painfully cool hotel. These sandy shades all work so well with her skin tone and haircolour.


These two make quite the pair – not only stylish but intellectual:

Just look at them – clearly deep in thought about serious world issues (Gwen: This angle hurts my neck, but if I look straight ahead I’ll be staring at Morgan’s crotch. Mindy: I wonder if Tina Fey would wear 6-inch stilettos to work?). But I guess you can’t blame them for looking like their brains hurt when they are listening to Morgan give them “prison advice”. 


Apparently prison does teach you some useful things though because Morgan suggests that Mindy come up with a warrior persona, give it a name and conjure it up from within herself to deal with stressful situations, such as Dr. C’s jerky ways. Do you think Beyonce Pad Thai would let Danny Castellano beat her to death with his oversized ego?! NEGATIVE. She would pull those chopsticks out of her exquisitely coiffed topknot and stab him right in the eyeball, all while maintaining a perfect smize.

So, Dr. L, if confronted with a horrid situation, such as the following…

…all you have to do is ask yourself “WWBPTD?” (What Would Beyonce Pad Thai Do?). Ugh, isn’t having your weight measured by the doctor the WORST? So embarassing. No wonder Mindy looks like she is going to barf.

At least Dr. C is dreamy though…hey Dr. C, are you by any chance, in need of a new *erm* penis doctor? (Is that a urologist? Or a proctologist?) Because I would be willing to take you on as a patient. Call me anytime to set up your exam!