Can someone please tell me how old these people actually are? Because in real life, a person of college graduation age does not own a multi-million dollar company, nor do they stage elaborate events with big headliners at their newly renovated bars. But in more “real-life” events, Adriana and Dixon realize their problems started before the accident, Annie may be dating a con man or something, and Silver is hiding a secret from her friends–although she’s not really hiding anything at all…


Yay, Ade is back to wearing one of her adorable dresses! So flattering and completely appropriate for Thanksgiving dinner with the fam. Or for bopping around a college she doesn’t go to looking for her boyfriend who doesn’t go there, either. (Right? Someone remind me – it’s been so long since these kids actually went to class.)


This is decidedly less cute than Ade’s dress, but I’ve got to hand it to Silver–even in her more basic outfits, she always manages to wear killer accessories. I can’t even tell what that pendant is on her necklace, but I know I need it. 


But of course, Silver can’t stay in a basic tee for long, so she slips on this art deco inspired sequin mini with matching blouse. Again, I need that skirt. Because it’s a neutral color and will go with any color top, right?


Ok, these two are out of chronological order, but stay with me for a second. She wore this dress to Navid’s club… after working as a stripper (however classy her choice of venue is, let’s just call it what it is). She is so covered up in this Cut25 dress. Ironic, no? 

Because wait for it…


BOOM! TOTAL GLAM. Everything about her dressing gown is completely fabulous. Sign me up, too! I will totally pull a shift at her prohibition-era speakeasy/burlesque club/caberet.

And yes, she said she doesn’t want “Silver” in her stage name, but we insist that “Hi ‘Ho’ Silver” would make an awesome name.


Annie’s style went through some missteps in recent seasons, but she’s finally found her groove. I didn’t actually know this was a romper until I re-watched the episode, and then I fell in love even more. Simple but cute, and did you see the open back? Hot. 




It’s also a nice departure from her norm of high-waisted bottoms with cropped tops. Although if I had her body, those would be in heavy rotation in my closet, too. So, I get it. Honestly, I can’t say anything bad about either of these girl’s outfits, and that includes Ade’s Urban Outfitters dress. I’m sorry. The snark, it fails me sometimes.


See, I told you. Another cropped top. Even if she cut off the bottom of a sweater from 1992, it still works.

Congrats Annie, you’ve finally reached Silver’s fashion status of “I-can-do-no-wrong”.


Or does that honor go to Naomi? Girlfriend is FIERCING IT. When she plots against Alec, what else would she wear except a society wife pony with big baubles?

Oh, right. Skin-tight tiger print.



And then, for a little light snooping, our girl changes into this 80s inspired get-up. Love. love. love. If I could wear shorts year-round, this is the exact outfit I would wear everyday. Edgy and structured with the belted jacket, but fun with the shorts. 


But wait–PEPULUM. I know, I know. Peplum is polarizing, but I’m obsessed with it lately and therefore I wholeheartedly approve of this dress. Plus! The overall look is sexy yet tailored. Would we expect anything less? 


While Liam’s wardrobe is nothing to sing home about, I would like to take a minute to point out his haircut. WHAT HAPPENED? He no longer has that “hot Liam the actor/model” steez, and has instead fallen into a “average Liam the bar owner” trap. Sad days, yo. :'(


Hello Nelly Furtado. I still never understood how she went from “I’m Like a Bird” to hip hop with Timbaland; therefore, I do not understand anything from her anymore. 

I mean, that is a whole lot of look. Braided bun, two necklaces, two sets of earrings, and matchy lipstick/nailpolish. If a normal person wore this, they would look insane.


And, oh wow. Are the 90s making a major comeback? Madison is clearly channeling Cher from Clueless.

“Sometimes you have to show a little skin. This reminds boys of being naked, and then they think of sex.” – Cher Horowitz


Speaking of bit players, I’m hoping Liam’s professor/lawyer lady sticks around for a bit. She brings a classic style the show has been lacking. This green dress is fab–maybe a tad poochy in the front, but overall, wouldn’t you be pleasantly surprised to see someone in your attorney’s office dressed like this?

Then again, would you expect your attorney to wear bright blue lacy lingerie? ‘Cause this one does!


Then there’s the sexiness that is Taylor. Let’s take a moment to bask in his beautiful-ness. He’s by far my favorite love interest/guest star of all season. Work that jacket, son!