Serena is ready to say yes to the dress and I do to Steven. Unlikely allies are made as Blair teams up with the scheming teen Sage to stop the engagement and save B from her mom’s ultimatum, and Chuck teams with Chivy to get Bart to think Lily’s in league with him. To no one’s surprise, all schemes fail… although Sage proves to be a stellar pick pocket and the meanest of the mean girls when she broadcasts a sex tape of S and Lonely Boy. She really is Georgina’s mini-me! Her plan works like a charm and Steven is rethinking marrying someone who’s almost his daughter’s age (and who is the daughter of someone he slept with). B is once again disappointed by S and S is once again trying to justify her actions. Lonely Boy is still pining for B, but that’s never going to happen again. And stuff happens with Rufus, but who’s paying attention? 


 Party du Jour
The most important day in any young girl’s life – her entry into fancy pants society. Which means the gang heads to Sage’s Cotillion for scandal in white.

Best Quotes
“Serena’s enthusiasm is like the bat signal for bad ideas.” — Blair 

“You don’t have boyfriends. You have life rafts.” — Lily, in a brief moment of good parenting. 

“You may be legal, but this is way too high school for me.” — Nate, in a brief moment of rational thought.

Best Outfit
Blair’s cotillion dress and updo were downright delightful. The cut was just perfect and her hair was back to its former glory.

Worst Outfit
While Georgina looked like a reject from an episode of Dallas, Sage’s Waldorf original looked like a bad frat party toga. I guess Blair doesn’t wear her own designs.


Only five more episodes left! Amanda will be back on Thursday. Lucky girl gets the Amy Heckerling episode that’s full of formal dresses.