This week on PRETTY HAIR, CRAZY PEOPLE: Single White Mama goes CRAY this week when Mason Treadwell, newly recruited to #TeamRevenge(!!!!) screws up and tells her that David Clarke was framed by the Graysons. Also? Nolan steps right back into his fashionable shoes as Emily’s #1 and frames Mason for EVERYTHING. Also, Daniel takes over Grayson Global with the help of The Initiative or something blah blah blah. And then Kara leaves town! But she has to be back, right? Nobody can keep a crazy lady away from the Hamptons for long.


Emily‘s Target
RED SHARPIE DAYS ARE BACK AGAIN! OK, so there wasn’t any actual Red Sharpie action, but Emily put together a seamless plan to first recruit Mason onto #TeamRevenge and then TOTALLY SEND HIM TO JAIL.

Gala of the Week
Conrad and Victoria throw an afternoon soiree for their investors, which of course gets totally ruined (DRINK!) first when Daniel takes over the company, and then also when Kara arrives with TWO GUNS!

Best Dressed
While I’m a HUGE fan of Nolan’s barbershop quartet-inspired officewear, I’ve got to give it to Queen V. Her perfectly fitted aubergine dress was juuust tight enough without getting into her sausage casing styles of season 1. Also the colour? I die. 

Most Soapy Moment
Um… so how about when Amanda was TOTALLY ABOUT TO MURDER MASON with a crowbar, then Emily stopped her, then Emily confessed her true identity to Mason?? True, that would all take about 2 months to happen on a daytime soap, but time is money in Le Hamps. 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 2
We get The Hug Of Doom 2.0 this week as the camera lingers around Kara and Victoria’s shifty eyes as the totes BFFs embrace again.  


This week had extra scenes and less commercials, which gives me even more amazingness to snark on! Check back on Wednesday for all the deets.