This week on MY BIG FAT SHAM WEDDING: Kara and Queen V continued their “No, after YOU!” “Oh no, after YOU!” dance of politeness that you know is going to wind up with weave tracks all over the foyer. Meanwhile, Emily gets WHM’s body off ice (shades of the #PLL Halloween special?) and manages to both frame Conrad for his murder AND ensure Mason Treadwell discovers the body. Then Conrad made a deal with that Initiative Lady which, I have no idea. And then we all but see Single White Mom’s tenuous grip on sanity release when she finds out WHM is now dead. But does it matter when Red Sharpie’s been replaced by Mason Treadwell’s RED YARN OF DOOM?? 


%image_alt%Emily’s Target
Emily’s targeting both Mason Treadwell and Conrad & Vicki Grayson: three queens with one stone, as it were.

Gala of the Week
THANK YOU Victoria and Conrad’s second wedding. It’s been AGES since this show had a proper gala. This one had everybody in formalwear, lots of MEANINGFUL/ICY GAZES, and of course ended with Connie dragged off in handcuffs. Why does Victoria even bother throwing parties anymore? Do they ever not end with tragedy? 

Best Dressed
Emily whips out her AMAZE CLEAVE again, this week in a halter-neck red gown. To wear this to a normal wedding would raise some eyebrows a la Scarlett O’Hara in that red dress that time, but apparently anything goes at the Sham Second Wedding of Connie and Queen V. 

Most Soapy Moment
Not only were Conrad and Victoria getting married for the second time largely because he TRIED TO KILL HER, but then he got dragged out of the ceremony in handcuffs? Soapy goodness.

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 0.5
Conrad and Victoria exchanged a chilly cheek-kiss while looking MEANINGFULLY at one another. 


Lucky L-A gets to sink her teeth into this week’s juicy dramz. She’ll have all the dirty gossip for you on Wednesday.