What Mindy Wore

What’s a good holiday episode without a few montages and Charlie Brown references? This week on The Mindy Project, we get plenty of both as Mindy searches for the perfect sexy AND funny Halloween costume and Danny attempts to pass a drivers’ test for the first time (both of which we can ALL RELATE TO). With the help of her goddaughter and a Charlie Brown reference, Mindy is able to find the perfect costume and kickstart her love life with Josh. Moral of the episode? Either talk to your six-year-old goddaughter or find a life metaphor in a Charlie Brown movie. Who said television doesn’t teach you anything?


Mindy goes on a coffee date with Josh (the confusingly douche-y sports attorney from last episode), who invites her to an ESPN Halloween party and kindly asks her to “blow his mind” with a costume. Unfortunately, Josh is too focused looking through all the Caitlins in his contacts to notice that she is currently blowing the minds of 3.2 million viewers with this fall-inspired outfit:



I’m calling this the best outfit of the week for two reasons: 1) It was the only non-Halloween outfit so I sort of had to default to it and 2) it just looks so damn hard to pull off.

I mean, look at her! She is wearing a suuuuper tight colored striped sweater with a suuuuper tight bandeau skirt. And there’s orange. A LOT of orange. Pumpkin-y, Tigger-y, Kenny-From-South-Park orange. She has everything unflattering known to man against her.

So who in God’s name can pull this off? I’ll tell you who: 8-year-old girls, skinny bitches and MINDY MOTHEREFFING KALING.


To make matters better, she adds to the outfit with an effortless side-pony and gold hoop earrings. Love. It. All.


At the hospital, she runs into her ex, Tom, (remember she drunkenly ruined his wedding in the pilot episode?) while looking absolutely adorable in her geek-chic glasses.

She kind of looks like an Indian Zooey Deschanel sans bangs and excessive quirk.


Unfortunately this…


…turns into this:


After hitting Tom with a door, Mindy finds out he’s having a baby and calls Josh to confirm she’ll be coming to the party, despite her hesitations.

We get another glimpse of Mindy’s cute outfit as she lies on her rug in a very 2000s-Clearasil-commercial-calling-my-best-gal-pal-kind-of way.

Sidenote: I don’t understand why so many people on television make phone calls this way. Does anyone actually find it comfortable? Because it isn’t.


It took me awhile to realize that the thing on her finger wasn’t a splint but a massive turquoise and gold statement ring. I mean, how does she expect to bring babies into the world with that monstrosity on her finger?

I do love those black and orange nails. You can always count on Mindy for a fresh manicure.


Mindy starts panicking about the party and makes her entire office search for the perfect Halloween costume. Unfortunately, the only sexy costume left is this:

“Mailmen are sexy!” said no one EVER in the history of EVER. I am digging those patterned tights though.


Mindy continues to go through a selection of LOLzy costumes:

1. Tinkerbell Tailor Soldier Spy. I don’t even know if I need to say anything about this. It’s pure gold.


2. Dirty Harry Potter. Like, how is this not flying off the shelves of every Halloween store in the city?!?


3. Lil Wayne on the Prairie. Lord Almighty, she even has his tattoos on her face! I can’t… deal… 


She gives up and calls her goddaughter in this adorable Wildfox star sweater (she wore the red version in the pilot) and red moccasins:

Wish loungewear could come this easy to anyone NOT on television.


After her goddaughter’s unintentional pep talk, Mindy rushes to make the perfect costume:

It’s Diane from Cheers! Cute, quirky and so obscure it’s cool. Are we sure she’s not Zooey Deschanel’s long-lost cousin?


Speaking of so obscure it’s cool:

Forget construction worker, Wolverine or pirate. Dressing up as Inigo Montoya from Princess Bride is DAMN SEXY.


Maybe Mindy should re-think Josh. Sure, he’s obnoxious, pretentious, annoying, unfunny and unattractive, but he dressed up as a character from her favorite movie… doesn’t that count for something?

What do you think? Does Inigo trump douche?