Part 2 of 2 – The House of Cards

Sweet Fancy Moses, that Aiden is one handsome devil. I mean, bed-head or slick Manhattan coif, he just smoulders with the best of them. Now, I know I give Conrad a lot of flack for his suit choices, and I’ll admit picking out the differences between menswear can be tedious, but when you see a suit cut to effortlessly fit a man like Aiden, it’s inspiring. Brilliant colours, textures and fabric choices, my handsome British friend. 


See what I mean? Conrad is a looker himself, but the dated pinstripe shirt with the Father’s Day tie is just too much for me. Conrad wouldn’t look much out of place if you dropped him onto the set of ‘Wall Street’ back in 1987. One of my favourite lines this week was Queen Vic yelling at him to get back to the Hamptons in one hour from Manhattan. Better gas up that helicopter, Connie!


Well, check out Daniel Grayson serving some Don Draper Realness. Yet again, this is a suit choice that uses much richer fabrics and textures which clearly work for the young heir. Daniel’s been getting pretty whiney as of late. I hope that’s not a trend because it doesn’t look good on him.


Ladies and gentlemen, let’s put on our hats so we can tip them to Miss Ashley Davenport. Girl, you didn’t just knock it out of the park with this creamy chevron dress, you damn near broke the dawn. We rarely get the full H-to-T with Ashley, but when they happen it’s like Christmas.





My only real question for Jack this week is if he likes to be called Big Poppa. Congratulations, Jack! You’ve got Fauxmanda on one arm, and Wee Baby Carl on the other. And Declan underfoot. And the Stowaway draining your bank accounts. Hmm… maybe those congratulations were premature.


Well, well, if it isn’t Mister NolCorp himself! I’m really loving the direction Nolan’s style has taken lately. The cropped hair, more downtown chic and less aging frat boy overtones – it’s working all good things in life. This candy striped shirt with polka-dot pocket square (yes, you read that correctly) is working so hard, I think Nolan should be paying it a salary.


There’s seem to be a love affair with polka-dots at the Haus of Nolan this season. I’m totally down with that. One thing I do miss, however, is the collar popping. How will I know what Revenge(!!!) Threat Level we’re at!? Thanks for lowering his guard, Padma.


Speaking of Padma, this feisty lady totally gorgeous. However, she seems to have Ashley Syndrome when it comes to screen time. For example, her meeting at Grayson Global was overshadowed by shadows on set. I can barely make out her grey blazer with mustard belt. Post script: belting a blazer is an amazeballs idea. Then, Padma looks stunning in this red dress whose silhouette we’re never privy to. Shamesies.


For me, the biggest surprise this week was the return of the Hamptons resident sassy bitch, Mason Treadwell. If Dorothy Parker and Truman Capote had ever conceived a child, this queen would fit the bill. There’s something snide and sinister about someone who give blue roses to a new mother, but when he’s wearing a sweater vest and thirteen patterns, the snide is amplified. Mason could take a lesson from Nolan in pattern/colour combination because this week it looked like Treadwell fell into a bingo hall and came out dressed like Old Man River.


Now that Kray Mama Kara is back, I can only assume the Revenge(!!!) will go from a Tonya Harding to a Cruel Intentions level. And I can’t wait.