This week on LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND CRAZY: Kara drops by to visit Queen V, because you don’t cast JJL and Madeleine Stowe and not throw them in as many scenes together as possible. And of course Queen V offers to ler her stay in Casa de Los Crazies. Also back to the land of totally-not-dead is Fauxmanda, who is Emily’s latest Revenging Roomie. But all of this pales to the scenes between Emily and Kara. For reals, you could cut the tension with a knife made of Emily’s icy stares. Also: Conrad proposes to Queen V so that they can’t testify against each other. And just when you think the dramz can’t get any more dialed up, MASON F-ING TREADWELL shows up and claims to have proof Fauxmanda is Faux. BAM!

%image_alt%Emily’s Target
Emily’s too busy for Revenging, now that she’s come face-to-face with her (possibly crazypants and totally not dead) mother.

Gala of the Week
Fauxmanda called it a party when she came into her hospital room to find Emily, Kara and Mason Treadwell… though that’s not a party I’d like to be invited to. 

Best Dressed
Without a gala, I’ll have to default to What Ashley Wore: this week, a white and beige pleated chevron dress. 

Most Soapy Moment
Emily listening in (and crying!) as Kara apologizes for totally trying to murder Fauxmanda. I still don’t trust Single White Mama, though. 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 2
Kara hugging Fauxmanda = 1 hug. Queen V and Kara hugging = 1 double-barreled mutual over-the-shoulder action. 

Who else but Anthony could snark on the first meeting between Kara and Queen V, let alone Emily and Kara’s ICY STARE-A-THON?? Check for the blow-by-blow on Wednesday.