Part 2 of 2 – Working Class Heroes

While most people in the Hamptons just sit around sunbathing or plotting revenge(!!!) all day, others actually have to work. Like, at offices and stuff. Here’s a look at those poor suckers.


Ashley was always fashionable, but she’s really flourishing in her role as Grayson Global minion and Conrad’s spy. Check out this hot pink Theyskens’ Theory Jipsi blazer!

And the back!


Later, she rocked a sexy yellow dress and a side-braid. She always looks great for work, but her days at Grayson Global may be numbered now that she’s no longer willing to spy on Daniel for Conrad. Little does she know, Daniel’s playing her even more than she thinks she’s playing him. 

Once a pawn, always a pawn, dear Ashley.


Speaking of Conrad, he had an urgent meeting with someone from the infamous Initiative this week. It was the only time the episode lagged. Maybe I would’ve found this woman more intimidating had she not been wearing a leather shrug?

Seriously, she looks like the Madam at a wannabe-high-end brothel. Not a super spy.


If you want badass, take a look at Emily’s mom. Aviators. Leather jacket. A taser. That’s all you need.

She’s like Veronica Mars, but 40 years later and with some serious mental health issues!

Kara left behind her motel and hit the road, but she got sidetracked when she heard about “Amanda Clarke’s” accident at Grayson Manor. Whoops! Identity swaps can be so confusing. How long before she finds out the truth?


Meanwhile, Nolan’s new flame is a total yawn. I mean, look how good Nolan dresses. The pink blazer! The coordinated shirt! The pocket square!

Look at the detailed buttons!


He deserves more than a woman in a shiny green shirt.

Can she do something with her hair other than a ponytail? It’s not helping matters.

I liked it better when Nolan played for the other team.


We’ll end with the most victimized person on the show, Jack. Poor Jack. His baby mama lied to him, and now she’s in a coma. His baby brother stole from a rich dude who has some cockamamie plot to buy the bar – though Jack doesn’t know that yet. And by the end of the season, his boat will have sunk.

And worst of all, look at his hair. Does anything go right for poor Jack?


Seriously, dude. Please shave before the next episode. The staff here at YKYLF will forever be grateful. xo