This week on ARE YOU KIDDING ME?: Daniel learns Ashley is totally spying on him for Conrad. Meanwhile, Aiden gets knocked out by a second Clarke woman when Single White Mother ambushes him with taser darts (?)… and then we learn that SWM tried to kill Emily when she was little! SHE IS SERIOUSLY INSANE YOU GUYS. And then Nolan brings the sadface when he learns his father is dead. At first, I thought this meant he’d get to go on his own Revenge(!!!) spree… but instead this death works as unlikely foreplay for him to hook up with Extremely Boring Padma. But all that anybody needs to know is that Victoria throws Fauxmanda a baby shower and then THROWS HER OFF THE BALCONY!

%image_alt%Emily’s Target
Emily’s still working to find her mother, this week using Fauxmanda as her puppet to confront Victoria about her role in her mother’s disappearance. 

Gala of the Week
Fauxmanda’s baby shower at Grayson Manor! Featuring three strippers, lots of security cameras, and VICTORIA TOTALLY PUSHING HER OFF THE BALCONY.

Best Dressed
Emily looked amazing in a halter-neck black gown with ombre beachy waves and A++ cleavage action. Guess she was getting as tired as we were with all the floaty white tops? 

Most Soapy Moment
As soon as you saw Fauxmanda and Queen V on that heretofore unseen balcony set, you knew she was going to TOTALLY PUSH HER PREGNANT ASS OFF THE BALCONY. And then she did. (Runner-up: Single White Mother knocking Aiden out with taser darts, or whatever that was.) 

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs Actual Hugs: 1
Did it get a little dusty in here when Aiden comforted a grieving Emily at the end of the episode? Girlfriend had a rough day, what with being mostly responsible for Fauxmanda’s accident, and remembering that her mother is TOTALLY INSANE.


Jill will be here for the play-by-play on this week’s OUT OF CONTROL DRAMZ on Wednesday.