Part 1 of 3: On the Up-and-Up

So, here’s what you missed on Glee: Sue told Terri that Will and Emma were going to do the nasty (more like the fluffy), and she took a job as school nurse to keep her beady eye on them. Finn was feeling run down, what with all the fantasizing about Quinn and then Rachel and then Quinn and then Rachel again, so Terri gave him some decongestants, proving that Glee only ever kicks ass when drugs are involved. There’s a mash-off, and more hair flipping than you can shake a weave at – all because of drugs! Let’s roll on with the show…


There are goods, bads and uglies in every episode of Glee, and this segment celebrates the best in show. I make a little chirping sound every time Emma wears a garment with another adorable bow, and she glows in sunshine yellow with matching dolly bead bracelet.


Sailor suited and booted, here’s Cadet Pillsbury in sky blue with a lovely tie-neckline. I object to the bizarre rose sprouting out of her shoulder, though. It has no business there.


Speaking of tie-necklines and bizarre, this cream, black and salmon ensemble is a winner (mostly because there’s a bow). The bizarre comes from the fact that OCD Emma is in a sweaty male locker room, where even the fiercest female fears to tread.


Who let Finn in here?!

Oh, right, me. I like his shirt. It is not a sweater, and therefore I like it.


While I’m usually anti-Mercedes, I love a) her monochrome black with just a flash of yellow, and b) her jacket with its kitschy mismatched buttons. Tres McQueen.


Did I say queen? The cravat is very Chuck Bass of you, Kurt. In fact, this whole outfit is Chuck Bass, circa 2008. Five points for this outfit, even if Chris Colfer is a million miles away from Ed Westwick.


Chuck Bass circa 2009, the one where Lily got married again (there was a double-breasted waistcoat involved). Yes to the bowtie, no to the bitchy facial expression.


I included this group shot because everyone is pulling their weight. Rachel’s put plaid on her top half and looks great, Artie’s grandpa look is very nearly so bad, it’s good, purple is perfect for Mercedes and at least Finn and Puck aren’t wearing the same thing.

Oh, and Tina is obscured, so I don’t have to talk about her bad bat complex.


Well hello. Can you move in those jeans, Cory? Is that why your face is like that? Oh, the power of cold medicine.


Shock and awe at Cory’s jeans. I cropped out Rachel’s anklets and her cardigan is sweet, so that’s a plus. Tina has a beanie on, and in the absence of a bag over her head, that’ll have to do. Mercedes’ shirt matches her blush…plus?

Santana looks like Damien from the Omen. Plus plus.


The boys performed It’s My Life mashed up with Confessions, and the girls take it away with Walkin’ On Sunshine and Halo. As previously mentioned, I love bright yellow, and the matching headbands and gold flats net the ladies of New Directions ten out of ten from me.

The mix of patterns, shades and dress shapes is so innovative. The costume department really hit the nail on the head, and props to them (but not the prop department…SEE WHAT I DID?!)


Kurt’s blinded by the radiance of it all. Other than his pretty pops of mint green, the boys are a moody pallette of maroon, navy and green. I like to think this was deliberate, despite the fact I’m probably giving credit where it’s not due.


Five points to me for fashion philanthropy.