Part 2 of 3: Holding Steady

 Sue is stirring things up again in a hideous banoffee coloured tracksuit. No me gusta.


It’s John Travolta during Summer Lovin’!

Well, the position’s the same even if the article’s different. This tracksuit pops up again and again, and I actually like it. It’s a signature piece. Love the piping.


This segment is about steady, staid, and uniform. For Sue, this means please, please stop wearing brown. You look like a baggie of something.


Strong and steady is Terri’s crazy, her inappropriate fake-pregnancy cleavage and her nary a hair out of place ‘do. Is it frosted to her head?


Brightly coloured jeans are a bold choice, but one which matches part of the pattern in Terri’s top. It’s so nice to see colours on bottom halves too, even if the real business is going on in her blouse. I think the turquoise really pulls the whole outfit together.


More turquoise, more not safe for work cleavage. Uniform and awkward.


Even deeper cleavage on a blouse we’ve seen before! Terri, hang your head in shame – without getting an eyeful of your own baps.


A keyhole! That’s a keyhole! Cerise and a keyhole on a supposedly pregnant woman in a school!


This is a pretty colour on Terri, and the sleeves are very nearly puff and therefore charming (I’m ignoring her cleavage with all my might). Will…well. Navy on plaid. No snaps for you.


Without Matthew Morrison’s attractive head, I have to say these boring shirt and tie combos look worse, if that’s even possible. The craziest it gets is a polka dotted tie with a pinstriped shirt, and even that’s hidden beneath a positively feminine powder blue sweater.



BORING. I always think this jacket is velvet, and God help us all if it is. Emma is darling as always, but an off-white blouse is nothing new, even with a cutesy daisy pin.


Finn’s drooling in a sweater. Actually drooling. Pretty true to form, I guess.


And equally true to form, Puck’s in a hoodie and Artie’s wearing a doormat from the seventies.

You know how I said Mercedes looked McQueen? Well, Kurt is too much of a McQueen. He looks like he’s a member of a Red Army-based boy band. One Insurrection?


Za vashe zdorovye, Kurt!