Two episodes down, eight to go and headbands have returned! And so has Nelly Yuki! But the return of a bejewelled headband isn’t necessarily a good thing (maybe Dan was right…headbands aren’t for grownups) and Nelly Yuki is possibly the first person in the history of Yale to graduate and get a job for a major publication in under two years (or did we jump ahead in time and I missed it?). Whatevs! It’s crazy days on the UES! Everything old is new again – Nate’s dating 17 year olds, Blair’s scheming against Poppy Lifton and Nelly Yuki while wearing the aforementioned headband, Chuck’s scheming against his dad with the help of a translator who takes really large bribes, Dan’s a lonely boy outsider writing things no one wants to read (not even his publisher), Serena’s dating men with children who are almost her age (oh wait, that is a first), and Lily’s clearly heavily medicated and/or drunk to get through a brunch with Bart and not even flinch when he threatens the translator.


Party du Jour
Serena makes her entree into “Adult Manhattan” (I picture that as a place where twinsets and Chanel flats are the official uniform, and where macarons are for eating, not flashing) as the chair of the Central Park Conservancy Gala.

Best Quotes
“Why is the handsome vacant one calling me?” —Georgina on Nate. I’m jealous we didn’t think to call him that before.

Best Outfit
The staff room had mixed emotions this episode. We loved the colour of Lily’s dress, but were otherwise too bored to remember anything about it. Serena’s gala gown at least covered the goods, but why the weird nightgown ruffle?

Worst Outfit
 Oh Blair, honey, what? We were sort of thrilled by the headband, but that drab skirt isn’t helping us believe you are talking to WWD about a new collection of clothing. Instead it just gives us the sads.

Tune back in on Thursday to see what emotions Anne has about the outfits.