This week on BEST SHOW EVER: The Graysons reunite, briefly, under one roof like the most drug-addicted, homicidal family sitcom ever. And we learn that Emily and British Channing Tatum were totally LOVERS back at Revenge(!!) School. And then it turns out that White Haired Man (RIP) was TOTALLY DATING Emily’s Single White TOTALLY NOT DEAD mother!! Also: Declan went from accepting bracelets from strange boys to a brief career as the world’s worst cat burglar. And Jack breaks up with Fauxmanda! I was weirdly sad about it! You guys… I think I like her now. 


Emily’s Target
Same as last week, Emily’s out to a) destroy Victoria and b) find her mother.

Gala of the Week
Victoria’s “I’m Totally Not Dead And Also Totally Not Blackmailing Every Member Of My Family!” press conference.

Best Dressed
Charlotte’s black and white dress with skinny pink belt means she’s out of the cardigans and back into ADORBS DRESSES. Yay for rehab! 

Most Soapy Moment Line
“Oh you fool. You’ve just put us back in bed with the very architects of this nightmare.”

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs: 1
Daniel brings the dead-eyed over-the-shoulder hug back with a vengeance this week, post-press conference! I may have squee’d when I saw the return of this oldie but goodie.



L-A will do her best to untwist all the twists and turns this week. Check back on Wednesday for all the deets!