What Mindy (and Co.) Wore

This week, we see the beginnings of a workplace comedy, which is so much better than the first two episodes of The Mindy Project. Mindy catches the eye of a hot nerd sports attorney who represents the New York Knicks, and spends the night oblivious to how he’s into her while she’s trying to mack on Amar’e Stoudemire, but he gets her pashmina back and an invitation to dinner. Betsy orders a $300 bottle of hideous blue liquid and tosses her cookies. Shawna has the hots for Danny, who proves himself to be a far groovier white boy than Mr. Schue ever was on Glee. Alastair goes after a bridal shower but is reined in by Morgan, whose accidental foray into bathroom attendant was the surprise comic highlight of the episode. I have a feeling Morgan is the equivalent of Andy from Parks & Recreation, which is always a welcome addition to any sitcom.


Mindy doesn’t get much wardrobe variety this week, as nearly the entire episode takes place in the club. Her office attire is smart and professional, but I work in the legal profession and I’ve seen lawyers with more style, so I’m not writing about it. Instead, let’s focus on her club outfit:

This Herve Leger dress is 100% working on her. I used to room with a beautiful, curvy Indian woman who had a similar aesthetic is the only person I know on whom Chanel No. 5 actually worked. Why? Because even if it’s a too heavy and not for everyone, on the right person, it’s the perfect fit. Mindy’s patterened party dress is cut like a dream, accentuating her curves with a pattern that could have been overblown, but because of the good people at H-L chose detail and fabric over colour blocking, it remains subtle. Also, her butt looks great in it.


What Shawna Wore

Mindy however was not best-dressed. I’m in love with Shawna’s office outfit.

The top isn’t overblown and it isn’t into the sheer sexy chic on blouses that is just a cop-out when retailers cheap out on fabric. The look is thoughtfully accessorized yet professional, but the star is the overlapping lily-pad skirt with asymmetrical cut and buttons.



What was not so endearing, however, was her club outfit:

With her accent, Shawna was full-on Kardashian … the one in the SNL parody where they talk about getting free [edited out body part] bleaching with x amount of purchases (“I get the freeeeeee one…”).



No, it’s not your birthday, but I dub Alastair “HBD” as in “Handsome British Doctor” because I couldn’t be bothered to remember his name when I first feasted my orbs on him.

Once again, the feature is in the details. The color match works well since they’re almost the same shade, and with the light pinstripe in the shirt contrasted with the bolder print on the tie, it doesn’t seem overwhelming. I’m definitely trying that look some time.

Sadly, his look for the club screams “oil baron’s son in Dubai seeks Eastern European mail-order bride”:

Not a look to dance in, he’s just there for show. I’m also getting an uncomfortable Adrien Brody vibe from the look, that pose and his determination to give a blushing bride her last non-marital shag.


Mindy’s Date

It’s the kid from Jerry Maguire, all grown up! Smart outfit, though.


Oh Danny Boy

My instant dislike to him is not Chris Messina’s fault, other than he played the buttoned-down douchebag-light doctor in Vicky Cristina Barcelona, one of my all-time favorite movies, and I simply couldn’t get past it. Thankfully, he redeemed himself tonight:

Because I want that jacket. His club look was subtle, a great contrast given that he’s actually a balls-out-awesome dancer. Know those folks who show up to the club drawing attention to themselves screaming “LOOK AT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE” and then stand in a corner not talking to anyone or dancing? Danny isn’t one of them. The man cut so many rugs tonight America should call Istanbul for replacements.


I’m Not the Cater Waiter

Morgan is easily my favorite character once I get past HBD. Given that he’s been clubbing so often he brings a duffel bag as a survival pack, I’m surprised he’s dressed like Ewan McGregor is to go clubbing … in Moulin Rouge!, which is set in 1899. We’re not in Montmartre anymore. Also, he stopped skeevy HBD from boinking the bride by saying the guy had diarrhea to shut it down. New. Favorite. Character.