Part 1 of 2: Not at all like a YKYLF staff meeting 

You guys. This episode. Just like the best parts of season 1, this crammed more into 45 minutes than most other shows can do in an entire season. I got whiplash from who was teaming up with who. First Emily’s working up with Victoria, then Victoria’s blackmailing Conrad, then she’s working with Conrad, then she’s working with White Haired Man, then Emily’s working with White Haired Man, then WHM is TRYING KILL EMILY… it’s no wonder Nolan kept forgetting to put on his pants.


Basically the only thing I find enjoyable about Ashley and Daniel’s unholy alliance is that, now she’s a Grayson-by-proxy, we get to see her outfits for more than 0.05 seconds on the corner of the screen. Observe, her entrance this week: 

I’ve always wanted to play tennis. Mainly because it has the cutest outfits of any sport.

I’m pretty sure Ashley had no intention to actually play tennis in this adorbs ensemble; she just wanted an excuse to parade around Grayson Manor and show off her legs. And I can’t blame her — girl is fit.


She later treats the offices of Grayson Global as her personal catwalk, slinking around in this week’s outfit of the week:



She is serving up Joan Holloway, 2012 style. The cut is classic, the pattern is on-trend, and the skinny black belt bumps it up even more. 


Aaaand on the other end of the fashion/tragedy spectrum, we have Fauxmanda.

I mean… she’s wearing full-length pants. So I guess that’s something.


This week, we learned that Jack IS THE FATHER! Wait, or not. Or something. He also may or may not be the Hulk:

If he’s not, he may want to avoid green button-downs.


Declan made a minor step into having an actual plotline this week when he… got a bracelet from this guy.

Yeah, sorry, that’s not a real plotline. I do like this guy (Chip? Kip? Trevor?)’s Hamptons style. This is like Nolan divided by 1,000 + the tiniest soupcon of Crazy Tyler.


Daniel’s so torn up about his mother’s “death” that he’s resorted to sitting around in Conrad’s hand-me-downs.

Just *one* polo shirt? And no popped collars at all? Sad trombone. 


And then Daniel’s grief, combined with Ashley’s questionable girlfriending (is she also sleeping with Conrad? Am I crazy for thinking that?) has him doing the unthinkable:


If it wasn’t for the spandex-blend pants, I wouldn’t even know this is our usual vacuum-sealed Daniel Grayson.


One of the highlights this week was when we met Nolan’s coworkers at NolCorp, or whatever his Google/Facebook/Apple mega-successful company is called.

This is during a staff meeting for Nolan’s mysterious multi-national, billion-dollar business. Are these his top advisors? Really? That one guy on the right literally spends the entire meeting playing around with a ViewMaster.

Note: this is totally not what YKYLF video conferences are like… mainly because we have our meetings over chat, not video. And I may or may not paint my nails at the same time. Multitasking, people! But since it’s not a video, our Ed-in-Chief doesn’t know.

[Ahem. I occasionally read these recaps, you know. – Jen]

Oh shizz.

Anyway, out of this crew, the only one we need to worry about is the cute lady in the front: Padma from Accounts!

I know what you’re thinking: lose the glasses and blazer, loosen up the hair, and…

BAM! This show seriously whips through plotlines like Willow Smith. Any other show would have had Padma appear in a few episodes before we get this “But you’re beautiful!” moment. Not this show: no time. She just came back after the commercial break already post-makeover. TOO MUCH PLOT! NO TIME FOR TERTIARY CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

Oh, and Padma? Your stupid “We need a CFO for our company blah blah blah” plotline messed up with the Revenging Roomies’ plans this week. Keep that up, and you’ll be getting a Red Sharpie to the eye. Step off Nolan, FOR REALZ.