Part 1 of 2: Teenage Dreamers

Damnit Glee. Just when we were ready to write you off, you give us two stellar episodes, back-to-back. Now I have to do a full recap instead of phoning it in with a shorter version. So, “The Break-Up” not only steered clear of After School Special territory, it also took heed of our #1 Glee gripe — the plot should dictate the music, not the other way around. Britana and Finchel called it quits, Wilma are in a tiff, and Blurt (I know some fans say “Klaine”, but I prefer the more onomatopoeic “Blurt”) are at the station, anticipating a one-way ride to Splitsville. There were tears, there were well-chosen songs, and there were no lessons learned. Thank goodness.


I’m just gonna get this out of the way. I prefer Glee in NYC to Glee at McKinnley.

I’m sorry.


It’s probably that I just don’t care about the new characters at this point. Take Marley, here. Will she and Jake get together? Won’t they? I can’t be bothered, even if she does wear a sassy newsboy cap and carry a super cute notebook

I mean, I’m willing to give it time. I saw in the promos of the next episode that Sue hasn’t decided how to make fun of Marley, and I hear that. Similarly, I’m not sure how to pinpoint Marley’s style. Is she doing the hippie thing? With a twist of classic? And a sprinkle of boho? Yeah, I don’t know, either. EVERYONE MUST FIT INTO A CATEGORY (says the woman who owns both spike Loubis and Naot sandals).


Speaking of Sue, we’ve seen less and less of her this season; nary a tracksuit appeared on my screen this episode. Instead, the biting lines are being delievered by Kitty, Ultimate Cheerleading Biatch and boyfriend jacket wearer.


Also, she’s the leader of the “Left Behind” club, which brings me to my new favorite character – Dottie Kazatori!

Don’t you want one of your own??


Also making appearances this episode:

1) Teen Jesus, his dreadlocks, and a waffle-knit sweater I actually wouldn’t mind wearing, if it was done in a slim cut.


2) Unique/Wade and a scarf that I’m going to have to say NO to. I love scarves. LOVE THEM. But this one I do not even like. If I saw this scarf at a party or walking down the street, I’d give it a half-smile, a soggy cereal “hey”, and make an excuse for why I have to dash, just as it tries to start conversation.


3) And Artie in a vest. But! I approve of this vest! The “hotel” pattern is amusing, and I applaud vests that can not only keep a body core warm, but also bring a smile to your face. That’s some multi-functional clothing, right there.