Part 2 of 2: Breaking up is hard to do


So, Brittany is now a member of that “Left Behind” club.

Santana, it’s a good thing you and your earrings have come home to rescue your girl. Although…isn’t it football season? I’m pretty sure the U of L cheer squad expects you at their games. You seriously have time to run home every few weeks and do laundry?

But when laundry time is this cute, who’s complaining? Santana’s sporting a Material Girl top, and it’s nice to see Brittany in a bold color instead of her Cherrios uniform and an animal hat or something.


Sadly, the cute times are coming to an end. Santana delivered the blow in a song and a super short skirt. (Again, by Material Girl. Guess there was a sale?)

That’s one couple down.

There, there, Brittany. You’ll see Santana again. Her name’s not off the credits just yet! Look, she even came back for the big finale at the end, in a Guess “Camille” dress:

I just noticed that both girls are in dresses with sculptured bodices and jacquard prints. I guess couples really do start to resemble each other after a while.


Well, not Rachel and Finn. Ms Berry is looking less and less like a Lima Loser. Just check out that hair!

Lest you need a reminder of where she came from:

And those stems!



And then look at Finn, he of the rugby shirts (save for the Vince sweater above).


Yeeeeah. Rachel, go get you a piece of that Brody. I think we’re done here.


I’m not ready to give up on Blaine and Kurt, though. They’re just way too interesting together and I can totally see them growing old and going to matinee caberet shows.

Right? Blaine will forever bring the edgy prep (shawl collar jacket!), and Kurt will be in the most cutting-edge fashions (red pants! Givenchy shirt!), even when it’s 2062 and they’re going to their 50 year reunion. Let’s break it down with Blaine, first:


Snug short-sleeve gingham and a non grandpa-y sweater vest with loafers and casually rolled jeans. If there were such a thing as Americana picnic chic, this would be it.


Again with the tasteful vest and the interesting short-sleeved shirt, buttoned up high. Where does he get these?


Kurt cooks up some croque madame with a flowing scarf that nicely compliments his putty trousers and belt. But I worry about the length of that scarf. Kurt, don’t get too close to the flames, otherwise we’ll have a croque monsieur on our hands. (Heh. Breakfast pun.)


Blaine and Finn delivered the first number of the episode – a poignat rendition of Duncan Sheik’s “Barely Breathing” in which they watch Kurt and Rachel’s respective stars rise, while they are still rooted to life in Lima. Dream!Kurt made a brief appearance during Blaine’s bit, wearing a trim leather blazer and knee-high…socks? Boots? It’s difficult to tell, and as he was a fleeting apparition, I didn’t get a good second look.


The feuding couples went on to No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” a la quatre, which culiminated in this:

I vote Blaine, followed closely by Rachel. I’m digging her new dance class Flashdance look, and apparently she likes it enough to wear that Helmut sweater to bed.


So Rachel and Finn are done, and Kurt and Blaine are headed that way. So sad. But wait a tick. What’s this? A kind-hearted and nattily attired fellow Vogue staffer cheering Kurt up? Any bets on if we’ll see this fella again?


Will started on a mildly-interesting story arc that will surely put him on the east coast for his new post in Washington, DC. I smell a Christmas-in-New-York special wherein he reunites with Kurt, Rachel, and anyone else who happens to be visiting NYC, while Emma sadly hangs ornaments on the tree back in Ohio, solo.

Ooh! Ooh! “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”, maybe?

Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. I actually like Schue’s retro cardi/skinny tie combo above. It’s a rather refreshing departure from the usual parade of vests.


But nothing can compare to his lady’s mid-century modern taste in furniture and skirts.

And her flamingo broach pinned on that pink sweater! So charming!




But it’s back to black for the heart-wrenching finale, as all four couples face the unknown future with an octet of Coldplay’s “The Scientist”. Emma decides to face that future in a Kate Spade “Kati” cardigan, naturally.


Bravo, Glee. Way to take us back to the start, in the best possible way.