What Mindy Wore

While Dr. Meredith Grey walks around looking like she needs a Red Bull I.V. drop, Mindy is so full of energy that she probably still gets a kick out of blowing bubbles. We know she enjoys narrating subway rides. What else happened in the world of Mindy this week? Besides lots of smiling (let’s be honest, Kaling gives good smile) McMindy went out on a spontaneous date, made some shake ups at her work, and inched the show’s B-plot (a Daniel/Mindy hookup) a little closer toward its inevitable conclusion. I predict it’ll happen around episode 9 or so. Now on to the fashion emergencies, or lack there of!


Let’s start with this all-American red-white-and-blue (or is it dark purple?) combo. So clean, classic, and chic.

Would it be dirty to make a purple mountains majesty reference? Oops.


Mindy goes out to book stores not to buy books (she buys those online, duh) but to look for cute guys. And hey, look! She found one!

Whattup Seth Myers. Almost didn’t recognize you off the Weekend Update set.

Before we adress the outfits, I must say – tubular tote bag, Mindy! I was an English major, so instead of cafeteria food for lunch today, I’m gonna spend my hard earned money on a Shakespeare tote. To tote, or not to tote, that is not even a question.




Anyway, I’m giving her an F for Fabulous. The checkered skirt, the pop o’ color cardi, and the animal print top are all aces, but what really sends it over the top is the little tie. Tres chic. Tres Mindy.

And her male companion does a fine job of wearing jeans that are not too baggy. Mindy (and Cher) give him snaps!


Mindy’s gal pal decreed this look “a librarian in a porno movie”, but I disagree. And no, I am not here to clean the pool. Why do you ask?

Also, I loooove me some hipster black rimmed glasses.


“Your books are overdue… time to pay the fee!”



I know this is “What Mindy Wore”, but I feel compelled to take a detour.

NotPenelope has graduated from the land of Gossip Girl and moved up to Gossip Woman. I guess that means sporting both a Jersey accent and a Gap Stripper outfit. And I’m further guessing the Constance Biliard Class of 2009 would not approve.

Nor would they approve of the lady on the right. Honey, you’d better be going to a Halloween party because if not, call Dr. McMindy. Fashion emergency!


Mindy decides on a new hire for the office, despite his penchant for Sue Sylvester inspired fashion.

Paging Dr. McMindy… paging Dr. McMindy…