What Jess Wore

In yet another editon of “will-they-or-won’t-they”, Jess and Nick admit they’ve entertained the idea of dating, but because Jess can’t have sex without talking to Nick first, they realized it’s not the greatest of ideas. Sam is still in the picture, though I can’t imagine for much longer. Schmidt pretended to be a Romney and the only good that did was prove that he and Cece still obviously dig each other and the world’s just not right when they’re not together. And even though Winston was busy having sex in his head with anyone but Shelby, he was still the most normal of the bunch. God I love this show! 


Don’t hang your head Jess, you’ve just had a wild, crazy night of amazing S-E-X and to top it off, you look adorbs. Sam should take you home to his mom this instant!

But really, her dress is like sex on the top, party on the bottom. And paired with that rad red belt? Luurve.


Speaking of S-E-X, when the heck are Jess and Nick going to get together?! I’m tired of their bickering. I’d rather see more of the (as Nick so nicely put it) va-va-vooooom!!

Jess Day for President?!





Yeah, I do think this outfit is just meh. I also think it’s time to try a new color.


Wait, I’m confused. Is it summer or winter? Jess went from dressing for a day on her yacht to a stroll through the snowy fields. I do die for her sweater, but I still haven’t figured out how her cha-cha isn’t flapping in the wind.


You guys! Kanye wore this this Brooks Brothers. That means it’s COOL! Not like the belt of some obnoxious villan preppy from an 80s movie who wears button down shirts tucked into his jeans. Oh wait…

Still love ya though, Schmidty.