Part 2 of 2: Get In. Sit Down. Shut up. Hold on.

Seriously, is there anything this woman can’t pull off? A simple turquoise tank paired with a beige leather purse, and suddenly Emily is ready for anything. I’d like to challenge the Revenge(!!!) wardrobe staff to pick something ugly. It’s just not happening at the moment.


Charlotte and Emily became much closer after the plane crash explosion, but it’s apparent they weren’t sharing style tips. Not that Charlottle looks bad (in fact she looks great), but I think it’s time to venture away from the pink hues.


With the great Memorial Day Kick-Off planned around the memory of Victoria Grayson – the woman everyone feared and despised – it was the perfect setting for Emily to make her grand entrance back into The Hamptons Elite. But not just any ol’ entrance.. a slow motion entrance!


That’s right, The Revengers take Ashley’s little tribute by storm and look sensational doing so. Much like we saw last season, red looks absolutely incredible on Emily and the oversized shades just add a type of drama this marina has yet to experience. Nolan is totes killing the nautical look with a beauty of a pinstripe jacket, stand alone belt and contrasting tie. JUST GIVE THEM EMMYS NOW. 




Naturally, Emily and Ashley meet in the most dramatic of fashions – through a porthole.


One of these couples is made up of skilled spies who know a thing or two about Revenge(!!!). The other is a couple of useless mops dressed to the nines. 


In Victoria’s absence, Ashley gives this year’s speech and announces the art piece up for auction. Fittingly, it’s that amazing painting of Victoria, which was handpicked by Conrad. He’s such a bitter old queen. Amid all the hushed murmurs, Charlotte decides to get in front of a crowd on her first day out of rehab to say something. Before you scroll back, she is not wearing the same dress as in the beginning of the episode. Clearly, this fascination with purple floral prints is deeper than we thought.


During her speech, Conrad decides it’s time to ruin his daughter and sets the smarmy doctor after her. We find out later that he’s on Conrad’s payroll and forging documents to keep Charlotte in rehab to allow Conrad power of attorney, and Charlotte’s inheritance. Seriously, Connie? Are you a crazy billionaire or a James Bond villain?


Poor, Daniel. His sister had a total breakdown, his dad is a douche, and his girlfriend is pretty hands-off when it comes to comforting him. At least he has the Plotting Balcony to brood and drink. And plot? Stranger things have happened!


Oh, speaking of strange things: Charlotte totally whispered something in Emily’s ear before being whisked back to rehab, and it made Emily’s glower go from Revengey to straight up murder. But what could it have been?



Ah. Totes worthy of murder face.

Queen Vic doesn’t look too shabby for someone whose plane crashed exploded. She seems to have given up on the vacuum sealed dresses now that she’s living alone in the woods, too. Still, that black wool sweater with the lace detailed sleeves is pretty luxurious.

This is a little piece of info that’s more precious to Emily than her drowning dreams. She wisely enlists Nolan to set up a camera in the cabin to monitor Queen Vic’s moves. It’s perfect evening entertainment for Revenging Roomies.


That is until some white haired dude shows up on the Clam Cam.


Duh duh DUUUUH!