Uncap your Red Sharpies, because THE BESTEST SHOW EVER is back for round two! A year has passed since last season, and everybody’s back for another Hamptons summer. Emily spent the hiatus on a refresher Revenge(!!!) course with Takeda, Nolan grew a new set of abs, Daniel has been drunk this whole time, Charlotte’s just about finished with rehab, and Fauxmanda continues to be approx 15 months pregnant. Oh, and now Emily and Nolan are totes ROOMIES!! And whale cam has been replaced with the CLAM CAM!!

%image_alt%Emily’s Target
Emily’s on the hunt for her MIA Mom (played by JENNIFER JASON LEIGH a.k.a Single White Mother). Not in an #IWILLDESTROYYOU way, just in a “OMG my mother’s still alive?” way. I think?  

Gala of the Week
The Queen V Memorial Art Auction is arranged by New Ashley (some blond chikie following Ashley around) along with Old Ashley. In typical terrible event-planning style, the event ended prematurely when Charlotte is forced back to rehab.

Best Dressed
Is there any doubt? Emily arrived in slow motion, letting everybody at the art auction drink in her serving of Old Hollywood Glamour – the skintight red dress, the Veronica Lake-ish side-swept hair, the oversized sunnies disguising the glint of REVENGE(!!!) in her eyes.

Most Soapy Moment

Over-the-Shoulder Hugs Gratuitous Male Shirtlessness Sightings: 2
I have no issue that this season seems to be replacing creepy over-the-shoulder hugs with significantly less creepy SIXPACK ABS. This week counts both Jack and Nolan showing us the goods. Oh, summer in the Hamptons.


Our very own Anthony gets first dibs on what is sure to be THE BEST SEASON EVER. Check out his thoughts on gratuitous male shirtlessness on WEDNESDAY!!!