Part 2 of 2: Nifty New York City Numbers

It never ceases to amaze me how young people from the Midwest manage to find gloriously appointed studio lofts in New York City. Yeah they’re in Bushwick, but Brooklyn is hot right now; Mae West used to live in Bushwick, OK?

Burt’s autoshop must be doing some fierce business.


Much like Blaine, Kurt had a lot of wardrobe changes this episode. I’m totally down with all of them, except the fox face shirt. I just hate when collared shirts have graphics printed on them. Save those for tank-tops, gurl! For his interview at Vogue, Kurt killed it with a safari inspired pant and brooch. Very chic, very Manhattan. And it’s pretty vom-inducingly cute that he and Blaine have the same saddle bag.

Kurt’s sleepwear looks like he raided Rachel’s warm-up gear, but you know what? He’s a person and who cares. Have a glass of wine, Kurt. Have five… no, have ten glasses of wine, what do I care? You gotta do you.

Just a note for the readers who dream of working in the fashion industry – these are the faces that await you.


I won’t lie, I was pumped about recapping this episode because it introduces Isabelle Wright, better known as Sarah Jessica flippin’ Parker. I am not playing favourites when I say she killed it dead this week. From the fashion to the musical number, even the vulnerable characterization of an artist in management got me all flustered. 

Can we talk about that jewel-encrusted phoenix necklace Isabelle rocked for most of the episode? Gorge Town called and they just voted it as mayor. It was fantastic to see the wardrobe kept simple, yet Manhattan chic, as only SJP can do. She may not be Carrie Bradshaw anymore, but she knows how throw face. Also, let’s chat about the pilgrim inspired cravat and the tri-colour heels that could basically be high-end Buster Browns: they’re giving so much look it’s sickening. 


How can Kurt even dare to wear a faux fox tail (which I loathe), when Isabelle looks so poised? And I know you’re looking at that white and gold purse on the table. I don’t blame you. It’s majestic.


Kurt and Rachel look like a quintessential pair of NYC BFFs: she, a budding star in a performing arts school, and he a highly fashionable gay man beginning a career in the industry. Their friendship is going to blossom like a spring flower, and wither like a piece of dragon fruit left out too long once they become co-dependent on each other. 


And now for my favourite part of the episode – and I’m guessing I’m not alone – the mashup of ‘They Way You Look Tonight’ and ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed’ in the Vogue Vault. Starring Kurt, Rachel and Isabelle, this trio of pixies have danced their way into my heart. It was frantic trying to keep up with all the fashion because all I could imagine was my myself in Kurt’s over shoes standing behind Rachel, with Isabelle to my left, singing old standards. I probably would have done it without the studded tie. 


Do you see what an abbreviated musical number in the Vogue Vault can do for a person? You go from Drab to Fab in quite literally the blink of an eye! These gowns are simply beautiful on Rachel, and with a little body in her hair she truly embodies the part. 


Stop. Stealing. My. Dreams.


I loved the Anna Wintour shout out, but we all know she would never use the adjective “great” over something like “fine” or “grand”. You got greedy, Ryan Murphy.


Now that Ms. Berry has undergone her NYC Makeover, she’s ready to sex it up at school by watching ‘Flashdance’ eleven times and cutting a shoulder off all her sweatshirts. Man, look at those gams. Her outfit for dinner with Brody also kicks it up to a new, sultry level. Most of her dates with Finn included pastel cardigans and an A-line skirt. 


Speaking of Brody, he and Rachel take one musical hop down the High Line to boost their sexual tension. Rocking some super serious boots and houndstooth shorts – yeah, they’re shorts – Rachel looks like an updated Holly Golightly as she serves Sultry Schoolgirl Realness.


I’m not the only one who thought their romp through the High Line was sponsored by Calvin Klein, right?





Just in case anyone thought Brody might be a little bit gay, they butch up his character and give him a dose of douchebaggery to ensure that he’s kept separate from the feminine Kurt. *sigh*


But the question looms: who will Rachel choose? The handsome triple-threat who pecs are practically begging to be let loose on camera, or goofy, reliable Finn who just shows up unannounced?