What Jess Wore

As fellow staffer Kim mentioned in the “Re-launch” recap, New Girl returned this week with not one, but TWO episodes! That’s great news for the YKYLF gang, because we can’t get enough of Jess’s cute ‘n’ quirky style. (I mean, look at me – using phrases like “cute ‘n’ quirky”. I could just die of the adorkable.)

By now you know that Jess is newly unemployed, and that’s inspired her to mix things up in the romance department. She tried juggling two guys at once, with rather disastrous results. The girl is a total mess right now, but at least she’s quite literally a hot mess. Just look at the cleavage she was rocking this week!


The print on that halter top is fantastic and totally Jess, but the neckline suggests our gal might be maturing a little. Snaps for that!


After a roll in the hay with a cute guy she met at the bar, Jess “Katie” was rosy-cheeked and tousled. Zooey does have fantastic bedhead hair.


Finally, Jess donned a simple red sweater and a sweet white skirt for a date night. Unfortunately, the date was with the wrong guy.

As if that patterned shirt and hideous tie weren’t bad enough, he goes by the name “Bear Claw”. Jess’s face says it all!


That’s all we saw Jess in this week, but I liked what little I saw. She’s definitely dressing a bit more body-conscious this season – even that red sweater was showing some skin!