What Mindy Wore

You guys, I am BEYOND EXCITED that Mindy Kaling has a show. I listened to her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me on my iPod literally three times in a row, bursting into laughter every time. She is a grown-up funny nerd girl after my own heart. And now she is exec producing, writing for, and starring in her own SHOW? I die.

Like any self-respecting person in charge of her own show, Mindy makes sure she gets as many outfit changes as possible in a half-hour. Impressive, considering her character (also named Mindy) is a doctor.


We first meet Mindy when she’s in the police station, drunkenly sharing her life story with a strangely disinterested cop. Also? Mindy is also wearing THE MOST AMAZING NAIL POLISH EVER:

That is the perfect shade of neon pink/orange I spent the summer trying to locate. I’m thinking it’s China Glaze Pool Party, but I could be wrong. (Mindy – holla at us! We’re dying to know the shade!)

(Note: you may think that this sort of nail polish is impractical for an OB/GYN like Mindy, but you would ne wrong. One of my BFFs is an OB/GYN and from her I’ve learned that doctors can wear whatever colour they like, as long as it’s that long-lasting shellac type. FYI.)


But why was Dr. Mindy arrested? Oh, just public drunkenness and swimming in a stranger’s pool. We learn how she got to that point – basically, she got drunk and made a fool of herself at her ex’s wedding. While wearing this retro-ish green dress:

I love the idea of the sleeves, the sparkles, and the 50s-style skirt but the execution is off. When you see her from the side, it puffs up in a kind of “Look! It’s my stomach!” way that no non-pregnant lady should ever wear:

Still, mad props for dressing that flashy at your ex’s wedding. Show him what he’s missing, Minds!


Mindy delivers babies at the hospital, but spends most of her time in her private clinic. This is great news, fashion-wise, because instead of a Grey’s Anatomy-esque wardrobe of scrubs, scrubs and more scrubs, Mindy gets to dress like this:

Luuurve the polka dots with the stripey cardigan. Love the belt. Love how her yellow iPhone case gives the whole ensemble a pop of colour. This outfit = LOVE.

In a long shot, we see that this is a polka-dot top, not a dress – and she’s wearing it with a killer lime green pencil skirt:

Ladies and gents, outfit of the week.




And then, because it’s Mindy’s show, we get this kinda gratuitous but still fun bonus costume change. She’s choosing an outfit for a first date, and comes up with this:

I’m starting to think that Mindy put a sequin quota into each episode, like, there has to be at least 5,000 sequins every week or something. Keeping the hard-working sequin gluers in a job!

That being said, even The Lying Game’s Sutton Mercer would be like, “That’s a bit much for daytime glamour.” And the blue mini doesn’t really go – this top needs black leather skinnies, not a business casual pencil skirt. Also? This wouldn’t be my first pick for a dinner date. Going out clubbing? Most def. That shirt is fab, but everything has its time and place.


Mindy thinks better of the disco ball top, and changes into this AMAZING bodycon red dress:

That guy drooling at her is Danny, her co-worker and possible future love interest. The guys on this show are SUPER HOT, as if it couldn’t get any better.


Mindy’s date (with guest star Ed Helms) doesn’t go very well, and the episode ends with her meeting up with her FWB a booty call. In this COMPLETELY ADORABLE STAR SWEATER (that also, conveniently, matches her still-flawless manicure):

Personally, I lounge around my apartment after work in pajama pants and slouchy tees.


But Mindy can’t be blamed for putting on her most glam loungewear, when she’s got this on the line:

Meet FWB Jeremy. Also? He’s British. You’re welcome.

If this was my show, I also would have cast this as the guy who I get to make out with every week. Nicely played, Mindy.