So, NBD or anything but… you know how we’ve been doing this Project Runway blog contest? And the prize was to win tickets to the Project Runway finale? WE TOTALLY WON!! That’s right — thanks to your support, YKYLF got to go to the Project Runway finale show at New York Fashion Week! And as our official ambassador, I’m here to let you in on all the goss!


Since show time and real time aren’t the same, the final eight designers all got to show their runway shows. Three (or four) of them will be the actual finalists, while the others were decoys. I’m not privy to any top secret info, though, so I can’t tell you which is which. What I can tell you is about my amazing experience at my first-ever runway show!

The crowd went wild when the judges hit the runway – especially when they saw who was accompanying Heidi, Nina and Michael — celebrity guest judge, Jennifer Hudson!!!!!


Everyone was ecstatic to see her and the paparazzi ate her up (what little is left of her!) And why wouldn’t they? She looked absolutely bangin’ — I mean girl was work-ing-IT. I was so proud of her, she was so slim and fit and looked gorgeous and cute with a low side braid and an aqua Michael Kors pant suit.



And Heidi? Don’t even get me started. Her Alexandre Vauthier dress was absolutely ridiculous. When I die, I want to come back as Heidi’s dress so I can have people stare and gawk at how awesome I am! (I mean fine, I guess being Heidi does have something to do with it).


I’ve always been a Heidi fan, and was glad to see that in person she was just how I imagined (though much prettier and unfortunately, skinnier). You can tell she has a lot of fun with what she does and loves working on this show.


I’m sorry to say Nina looked a little out of place standing up there with fab mamas like Heidi and Jennifer. Her dress photographs well, but there was something off about it in person. I don’t think it fit as snug as it should have, and the material was a little too thick.


 That being said, golf snaps for the perfect highlights and bedhead ‘do.


Once the judges took their seats it was time for some fashion! I mean that’s what we were there for right?! In no particular order, here’s a sneak peak at each contestant’s line…


Christopher Palu

This three toned grey dress may be one of my most favorite pieces to have walked on the runway. I love the cut, shape, color, and the slanted pattern of the fabric. It’s really gorgeous.



This sheer top is also fabulous, totally perfect for a dressed up night on the town. I don’t really love the shorts, but I do like them and wouldn’t be opposed to giving them a go.



This blue trench was TO DIE FOR. I actually jumped out of my seat when I saw this, it was so amaze-balls in person. LOVE!!!!



Christopher really didn’t have a bad piece, I was happy with most of his line… except for this look.


Is she wearing a bra? Can you actually wear that in public? And I hate the cut on the skirt, it looks like he missed a piece.


Elena Slivnyak

I actually really enjoyed Elena’s line. It was a little cray but I liked that she took a very simple silhouette and jazzed it up with some cool tights and great color combos. The models wore bright neon lipstick and at first that was all I could focus on. It was a little whoa!-in-your-face. But her outfits kind of were too, so it all worked pretty nicely and I would love to get my hands on one of the two dresses below.



I don’t love this look, but I appreciate the extra-large collar and color choice.



This outfit seriously misses the mark.


I do like the colors, but the fit is beyond awful. I have no idea if it’s a tunic, a dress, a really large man-like shirt. It’s just so wrong in all the wrong places.


Dimitry Sholokhov

This one was rough. There was not much for me to cheer about Dmitry’s “distressed” line. The best look by far was this yellow dress:


It’s hard to really see but it has black sequined shoulders and nice side cut-outs.


I’m not sure what to think about this black feathered dress.


I absolutely love the bottom, but can’t pull myself together to like the top and the sheer weird halter top look.


And these two = barf-o-rama. 

  %image_alt% %image_alt%

The second one seriously looks like it came from Wilma Flintstone’s closet.


Fabio Costa

I was also not thrilled with Fabio’s line. So many pale colors, and way too much material. And way too shiny. The first dress is the only one I can kind of see as being nice.

%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%

It’s crazy that Fabio’s personal style is so colourful and eclectic his collection is so washed out and bland.


Melissa Fleis

I wasn’t a big fan of Melissa’s at the time, but in retrospect I’m digging it a bit more. That being said, I can’t say I’m a fan of this weird pleather ballet leotard:



The rest of her collection gets a solid “A” from me – esp. the white shorts paired with black crop top and blazer. 

%image_alt% %image_alt% 


Sonjia Williams

This collection was like good news/ bad news. The good news includes these two looks:

%image_alt% %image_alt%

I want that blazer so bad and I want to be able to rock that look as well as this model. The flower printed dress reminds me of something Zooey Deschanel or Lauren Conrad would wear/design.


But what happened with her other pieces?

%image_alt% %image_alt%

Ugh, the string cut look is sooooo not happening right now, and hi, most normal people cannot walk out of their house wearing a skin tight see-through top like that. Did Sonjia and Christopher get together to try and make NERPS-A-PALOOZA the next big thing? Not. Gonna. Happen.


Ven Budhu

I left thinking Ven’s line was my favorite, but now I realize that’s because his was the easiest to remember. Almost all of his pieces were the exact same. A long red, black or white dress, with a huge slit up the leg and a huge rose inspired bust.

Exhibit: A-Zzzzz


This dress, like most of the collection, is pretty but predictable, simplistic and nothing special.


These white pants with sequins down the sides was my least favorite of his. I do really love the sheer black top, though. 


*Note to Christopher and Sonjia: this is how you design sheer tops that normal people will actually want to wear. All it takes is a little lining!


Gunnar Deatherage

Now that Gunnar’s been eliminated, we know his aborigine-inspired collection was a decoy. I can’t say that’s a surprise, as the most positive thing I could say at the time is that he was the designer whose inspiration was best represented in his clothes.

%image_alt% %image_alt% %image_alt%

My fav outfit of Gunnar’s was the one above on the left, with the long pale pink skirt and beige vest. Otherwise, his collection seemed unfinished – like shapes cut out and pasted on fabric. 


You guys, I felt so cool attending this show! I was one of those people who had a ticket to an exclusive event! I’m never one of those people! As much as I loved watching the models, obvs I also peeked at the judges or other “in the know” people to see their reactions to the clothes.



Oh, and before you ask – Tim Gunn made an appearance at the end to thank us all for attending. I LOVE YOU TIM!!



After seeing all eight collections, I really can’t say which ones were the “real” finalists, and which were the decoys. If I had to guess, I’d say that Christopher, Elena and Melissa are likely the top three finalists, with Sonjia and Ven as wildcards. Yes, I realize that’s almost everybody. All of the collections were really impressive, you guys!


Whose collections do you think are the top 3? Which looks do you like best?